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Boney M is a band very near to my heart, for a variety of reasons – Boney M is perilously close to my name, firstly, and they were able to write witty, incisive lyrics about the most unlikely of subjects:

Ra Ra Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen

There was a cat that really was gone

Ra Ra Rasputin, Russia’s greatest Love Machine

It was a shame how he carried on

See? Informative, no? And if you haven’t got it as an earworm yet, just watch this piece of AWESOME right here:

The fake beard sported by the chap is a particular delight. And now that’s playing, feel free to peruse the best and the greatest that’s appeared in the office this week:

Kona Precept 130

This is in for out 130mm bike test in the next issue – it looks like a sweet ride for the moolah. See that back end there? Them’s the same chainstays as you’ll find on the Process 134, them’s is. The linkage is different, tho. As are all the other frame bits.Short stem keeps things modern. Nice top-cap mention of roots, though.

And there’s some named rubber on there too.

Rockshox Sektor fork manages bounce at the front end

Well, naturally. No pottering about for this bike, no siree.So spectators can read it no matter what side you do your whip on…

It’s… a triple! It’s good to see that they’re still around.

Price: £1399

From: Kona

Fox Float X2

DSC09048Shot with much bluriness (all that bubble wrap plays havoc with the camera’s sensors, you know) is the Fox Float X2 air shock. High and low speed compression AND rebound damping, people. EVOL air sleeve, and it’s slathered in kashmina, Get with the FUTURE.

Price:  £499.00

From: Mojo

Lezyne Mini GPS

DSC_1568Super titchy GPS, no larger than a small bike computer. Handy for telling you how fast you’re going, altitude and all that sort of thing, and then for uploading your derring-do onto Strava or other comparison websites… it’s got a 10 hour runtime, too!

Price: £109.00

Lezyne Super GPS

DSC_1569Like the Mini GPS, only more Super – ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible (so it can hook up to your smartphone), it can read US and Russian satellites for faster and more accurate position acquisition. It’s got a whopping 22 hours of run time. Plus, it’s still fairly teeny. Kapow!

Price: £159.99

Lezyne Forward Bar Mount




It’s called a Forward Bar Mount, and it Mounts your GPS thingy Forward of the Bars. See? Elementary, my dear What’sface.

Price: £14.99

Lezyne Strip Drive


Strip Drive! The latest saucy film starring Ryan Gosling as a practically mute stunt driver who, down on his luck, is forced to… what? It’s not? Oh. Lights! YES. LIGHTS. Up to 120 lumen at the front, 25 lumen at the back, with an array of flashy options. USB chargeable and generally A Good Thing to have on your bike when the light gets a little bit absent.

Price: £54.99

Lezyne MacroDrive 600XL


600 lumens of pure, unadulterated, Saxo-terrifying power. These puppies will enable you to carve a swathe or brightitude through the darkest lanes, and could even be up for a spot of light off-roading, too. Sweet.

Price: £69.99

Lezyne MicroDrive 400XL


Can you guess? Can you?

Yup! It’s the same as the one above, but with less power and less cost Hurrah! 400 lumens of gloriousness enrobed in a lavish black plastic sheath.

Price: 39.99

All Lezyne stuff is from Upgrade.

45Nrth Japanther


An awesomely named boot from named 45Nrth. This is the one down from their ultra-cold mountaineering SPD boot the wölvhammer, and so is apparently best from +7 Celcius to around -3. So pretty much the whole British winter. It’s waterproof, has loads of strapping which extends up your leg, a pretty fine tread pattern, and it’s got a reflective, waffle sole for warmth an’ that. Toasty. Jamie’s going to enjoy wearing them at all times. Even, with his feet, in bed.

Price: £205

From: Charlie The BikeMonger

Vaude Taron Low AM


Some gnarly AM shoes, with a velcro strap, a ratchety strap, some laces, a Vibram sole, a nylon shank and a cool green and black colourscheme that would definitely work well if you were KickAss.

Price: £135

Vaude Yara TR


Trail shoes, these. Or, as Vaude would put it, ‘dynamic summer shoes’. Lots of ventilation, lots of mesh. Also good, apparently, for travelling and commuting. There’s a more flexible sole than the Taron, which makes them a bit comfier for walking.

Price: £110

From: Vaude

SKS Airboy XL Pump


Words associated with this pump: Dual. Chamber. Micro. Size. Extra. Large. Pow.

Price: £25.00

SKS Airchecker


Digital enabler of tyre-pressure precision. Handy if you’re running fatbike (or half fat, really) where the difference of 1 PSI can be the difference between traction and faceplant (which is sort of like an aubergine).

Price: £19.99

Both from: Zyro

Aldi Merino Base Layer


Merino base layer of much cheapness!

Price: £15.99

Aldi Cycling Tights


More Aldi flavoured Cheapness! YKK zips, reflective bits and lots more goodness.

Price TBC

Aldi Waterproof Jacket

DSC_1564Reflective stuff, bright neon colour, and heck, it’s…

Price: £19.99

From Aldi! RIGHT NOW! HURRY! But if you’re looking at this at the weekend, it’s probably gone – who knows?

Madison Flux Womens’ shorts


A nicely designed set of baggies. Lots of vents, some decent pockets: nice

Price: £59.99

Madison Flux Womens’ Jacket


All the Fluxes. Softshell blue, apparently. More nice little touches (reinforced shoulders for pack for example), and a hood with a drawstring.

Price: £114.99

From: Madison

Ion LS Helia Tee Womens Top


What it says. Nice graphic; we like.

Price: TBC


And that’s it! We’re celebrating out 100th issue tonight, and announcing our Readers Awards, so inevitably there will be a variety of entertaining photos and vodeos floating around the internet over the weekend… keep your eyes peeled, and have a great weekend!


ST out.

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