Eurobike 2015: ENVE

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Enve – purveyors of extremely high-end rims and carbon wotsits – had a couple of new things on display. The M60 and M70 (their somewhat more aggro models) are now accompanied by HV (or High Volume) variants. Essentially, they’re a bit wider.DSC_1236HV, see?DSC_1235The M70 HV rims are 6mm wider, internally and externally, than the regular models – rigorous testing apparently forced the conclusion that there weren’t too many benefits at present to going wider with today’s rubber (and your scribe tends to agree). So these ones have a 31mm internal and 36mm external width…DSC_1238

…and the M60 HV rims gain 3mm in width over their brethren for 26mm internal and 31mm external widths. Very tasty.

And on a bit of a side note…
DSC_1233ENVE were also showing these full carbon road hubs of extraordinary blinginess, and a scant 232g per PAIR. Which is ridiculous enough to warrant a mention here, as well as some idle speculation as to what they might do with mountain bike hubs. The mind boggles…

Details of ENVE products here.

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    I know its not an MTB but one of the bikes on the enve stand was the only UK frame builder that enve work with. Field cycles will also make hand make MTBs and the results are a thing of beauty.

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