DT Swiss Launches New Spoke Calculator

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Anyone who’s had to take a strange new pairing of wheel and hub has probably consulted the DT online spoke calculator. As well as having a stock of standard hubs and rims in its brain, it’ll also let you enter your own measurements for stuff it doesn’t have. Then you can add funny lacing patterns and it’ll spit out the spoke lengths for you.

Well, now it’s been made easier to use – and it’s available on tablets and phones too, so no awkward silences at the bike shop when you’re trying to order spokes for that new build for the weekend.

The measurements of the complete DT Swiss product range is available in the program and makes it easy for a professional wheelbuilder to calculate spoke length and weight of any wheel. The program automatically proposes matching components and vice versa prevents the use of incompatible components. In a personal account calculations can be saved, exported and re-used later. This tool is a free of charge service from DT Swiss.

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    Does it now add 2mm if you’re using Sapim spokes?

    Meh. They lost me after the old one went unfixed for months vapourising all my saved configurations. Delete my data and you’re not my friend. I use Edd now.

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