POC Releases Lighter, Airier Tectal

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The Octal and Trabec have a baby!

We're suckers for anodised orange washers.
We’re suckers for anodised orange washers.

Long Swedish nights.  Two uniquely attractive helmets.  It was inevitable, really.  Yes they’re related- but let’s not take the analogy too far.

Borrowing what looks to be the front half and unibody shell construction from their airy, road-oriented Octal helmet and the rear and aramid (Kevlar) reinforcement from the now-ubiquitous Trabec Race trail helmet, POC’s new Tectal Race looks set to deliver on both protection and ventilation fronts.

Yes, "Lactose Blue" is a colour. Apparently.
Yes, “Lactose Blue” is a colour. Apparently.

Current information is limited and pricing unavailable, but we’ve heard that there’s something extra-special inside- and have sent our team on the ground at Eurobike to find out more. Standby for updates when they return.


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