Eurobike 2015: View From The Floor

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Eurobike has been around since 1991 and is held at Friedrichshafen, a place best known for being the home of the Zeppelin. Every year, tens of thousands of bike enthusiasts will flock to Southern Germany to see the fruits the industry will try to tempt us with, for the coming year.

So, we recon if you’re not lucky enough to be out there this time round, stick with us this week for everything you need to know. Here’s a quickfire-floor-tour of what’s going down this week, in the amply stocked halls and out in the testing areas.

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The main presentation hall. There’s a fashion show here thrice daily. Much to our Jamie’s delight
The outside show areas offer visitors a welcome chance to squint into the sunlight
One for the electro generation. With a smidgen of ‘Back to the Future’ wheel flavour. Spin wheelset anyone?
Exactly what is says on the tin. Global
KTMs as far as the eye can see, nearly
The house that Muc-Off built
Lovely Candian curves

DSC08963 DSC08964 DSC08965

Rocky Mountain Sherpa
Rocky Mountain Sherpa 1996
Rocky Mountain Sherpa 2016
Marin Ti FRS 1993
Marin Titanium FRS. Full bouncer, 1993 style


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