Eurobike 2015: Magura Launch Wireless Dropper Post (VIDEO)

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There were rumours floating about – but here, now, at Eurobike, Magura have unveiled their brand new seatpost – the Vyron.

DSC_0983 (2)

It’s part of the eLECT family – which is to say that there’s a remote control on the handlebar, which wirelessly controls the post – one press, and a valve opens up in the post allowing your arse to exert its pressure and sink the shaft. As soon as you stop pressing, it locks closed again, until another press releases the valve once more. Apply pressure – the post sinks; remove pressure and the post rises. Battery life is good for around 400 actuations and it costs €400. Weight is 595g on a par with many other seatposts on the market.

Yes, it’s out of focus. We know. He’s been flayed. But this is the posh fork gubbins.

But that’s not all! The remote also links in to your fork and shock (provided they’re both Magura eLECT, of course, and these too talk to each other – when it hits a bump, the fork will pass information to the shock and change its damping characteristics before it gets to the bump in question. Neato, eh?

TS-R rear shock

All three devices – fork, shock and seatpost, can pass information to the Coach, which is a display device which tells you things like how far extended your post is, where your shock and fork are in terms of damping – and it’ll also tie in cadence and heart rate information.

DSC_0988 (1)
The Coach


You can get an app on your smart phone which will take all this info, and integrate it with GPS and Strava. The phone can sit in your backpack, and the Coach also acts as a secondary display for it, to give you a full run down of you, and your bike and where they both are. Not bad, eh? It’ll even do turn by turn directions.

DSC_0993And here’s a little video in which Magura’s Drew talks us through the seatpost and how it works.

More info here

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    I may be alone but I like the idea of that seat post

    You are not alone. I hate cables.

    Do a nice small single button remote instead of that lego mostrosity and I’d be interested

    Wonder if the sealing on the USB port will be UK winter proof?

    How much drop does the seatpost have?

    Reminds me of a certain April fools story. Smooth Ride, eh 😉

    Seatpost is 150mm drop.

    What I also like is the ability to swap your post to different bikes without having to ‘re-cable’ everything.

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