Eurobike 2015: Lazer Helmets

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Lazer has just announced a long-time coming helmet called the Revolution. It’s a modular, trail helmet that takes inspiration from all the helmets going on out there right now and has done a good job of improving on them. It’s available as the Revolution (around £100) and the Revolution FF with the bolt-on chin guard. Unlike the Bell Super 2R, the chin guard isn’t very quick-release and there are three Allen bolts each side to hold it in place.

Bolt-on chin guard
Refreshingly light


Earpad speakers coming soon? Winter sports too?

Pop off the ear covers and it’s your everyday, trail lid


However, unlike the Super 2R, the Revolution is ASTM certified to downhill mountain bike race standards. In addition, the integrated GoPro mount is also certified (the helmet must be tested with a GoPro in place and Lazer reckons it has destroyed more than a few GoPros in testing…)

The Revolution also comes with bolt-on ear guards too – something that’s optional, but which helps protect even more of your head for more technical riding. If you don’t like them, you can just take them off. The helmet is adjusted with Lazer’s ATS dial at the rear and a quick try-on showed it to be very comfortable.

The helmet is due in the UK around the New Year 2016.

In other Lazer helmet news, there’s a Roller helmet for a more affordable £50 that looks good for general trail riding.

There’s also a carbon full-face, the MX-7 You might have seen Manon Carpenter crash-testing it at Fort William recently. It’s a full carbon lid with extra venting, D-ring retention and all the top-end downhill stuff you expect to see.

Always good to find an excuse to show this again. She was absolutely fine of course. Possibly thanks to her prototype lid.

And finally, there are some kid’s lids too – we like the ‘Future World Champion’ one and will excuse the wearing of UCI stripes without being a genuine World Champion. 🙂

Oh, and there are coloured foams now…


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