Eurobike 2015: Nukeproof

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We popped on over to the Nukeproof stand to have a chat, and to see what’s new for the Northern Irish brand:


DSC_0956 (1)Although it looks the same, the Pulse DH monster has arrived with the times, and has gone 27.5. The main difference between this bike and the old one, despite those wheels, isn’t anything new in terms of suspension, kinematics, any of that tosh – it’s something a little more fundamental – weight. DSC_0955 (1)By switching manufacturer, hydroforming everything that can be hydroformed, and designing absolutely everything  in house with no outside interference, they’ve managed to drop a whopping 5.5lbs from the total bike (the full bore Sam Hill edition here has gone from 42 to 36.5lbs); an estimated 3.5lbs of that is from the frame. Those larger wheels have meant a minor drop in travel too. From 210mm down to 200mm.

DSC_0957 (1) The Sam Hill edition – still RockShox sprung – a Vivid on the back..

DSC_0958 (1) ..and a Boxxer on the front will set you back £5k,  ready to shred.


DSC_0959 (1)The Scout has expanded from a 27.5 ripper – there’s now also a 29er too! Designed as an aggressive trail bike, there’s a 130mm fork up front, short back end, 66 degree head angle, SRAM festooned. £1,600 will net you a model with a RoxkShox Yari fork; £2k gets the one with the Pike.

DSC_0961 (1)Of course, the 27.5 one is still about – it’s been tweaked so it runs 140mm up front now (the old one ran 150mm), so the BB is slightly lower and it’s slightly more stable at speed. The Comp is £1,600 (with a Manitou fork, and an ACE paintjob) and the Race is £1,300.

DSC_0963 (1) Nukeproof have also tweaked their peripherals. The pedals in particular caught our eye. The pedals are now designed from the ground up by the guys themselves, and the range has expanded from the £40 resin numbers here all the way up to…

DSC_0965 ..the £175, machined Sam Hill signature ones with Ti Axles.If they don’t make you faster, nothing will.

DSC_0964 (1)These have washers under the pins – Sam apparently likes to run the pins lower at the back of the pedal than the front.

More information about Nukeproof here

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