2 Wheel Drive eMTB Launches

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Meet the Twinburst – a French eBike with motors in both hubs and a smartphone ‘dashboard’.

The FS BIGJUMP armed with Rockshox and SRAM kit apparently

As we approach Eurobike (The world’s biggest bike trade show) next week it’s quite typical that our newsdesk inbox begins to overflow with the good, the bad and the ugly press releases as companies both large and small try and get as much PR as they can before the show. In previous years this kind of story would have been filed away in the round filing cabinet in the corner but things are different now. Whether we like it or not eBikes are appearing everywhere and they are now increasingly looking like mountain bikes. We’ve gone over the controversial issues with off road eBikes and the jury is still out on their future and indeed their actual point – so we are just going to show you what just turned up in our inbox.

The Hardtail JUMP Twinburst in angelic white. But why would you need a triple chainset on an eBike?

It’s a 2 wheel drive eMTB that has motors in each hub instead of the usual gearbox around the BB setup. Traction is controlled by your smartphone and it allegedly varies the power to each hub motor depending on the traction needs at any given moment. But perhaps more useful is that fact that having motors in the hubs allows the bike to make use of regenerative braking to recharge the batteries and extend the range – something that can’t be done with BB type gearbox motors.

Moteur AR
Motors in the hubs do make some sense and allow for regenerative braking technology

Twinburst models come in four types – the BigJump (Full suspension), The Jump (Hardtail), the Urban and Trekk. All are 2WD and the top of the line full sus BigJump comes with Rockshox fork and shock and, oddly for an eBike, a triple SRAM groupset.

Moteur AV
This is Twinbursts ‘USP’ – the front powered hub

Obviously we’ve not been able to ride one yet but from the looks of things we think it can probably be summed up as a ‘because we can‘ type of project. That said, hub mounted motors do have distinct advantages, not least in that the rest of the bike can pretty much be left to look, well, normal (apart from the enormabattery pack with it’s own gravitational field of course).

They have a website and you can apparently order your Twinburst bike right now from a ‘network of dealers’. There are no prices as far as we can see yet and you need to fill in a form and send it back to them so they can tell you where your nearest dealer is. You should expect quite a journey. Now, lets play Guess the Weight of that BigJump.


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  1. And my next bike will be… Dear god please, anything but that!

  2. Wouldn’t want to fix a puncture on either wheel with that gubbins plugged into it!

  3. Regen on a push bike?? do me a favour!

    (hint: calculate the kinetic energy in a push bike at say 10mph, and then tell me how much time you spend actually braking on a push bike, rather than just stopping pedalling…..)

  4. calling it the BigJump is probably ironic, getting that thing airborne would be quite an effort! Not to mention using up all the battery power to get out of the crater you’d create when you landed.

    Gotta admire the use of technology though, can’t think it’d last too long in the real world though and with that thing I wouldn’t know whether to go to a bike shop, PC World or call the AA!

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