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Have you heard of Mont Ventoux? Seen it? Climbed it? Climbed it three times in a day? Four? Six? Kept going to see just how many times you can do it before your legs fall off and you vomit your lungs onto your own front wheel?

Well, Singletrack columnist Bez and six other poor, misguided fools will be giving all of this a go this coming weekend (Sunday 12th, to be precise), and they’ll be doing it for a fine cause: that of Amnesty UK.

Photo by will_cyclist on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons
Photo by will_cyclist on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

What’s more, you can win stuff by supporting that cause. There are a range of prizes on offer from Trek, Castelli Cafe and, including caps, jerseys, a bumper schwag box, and a Bontrager helmet and shoes package worth over £300. All you have to do is pledge at least 15p for each ascent the team manages (or at least £5 as a fixed pledge) and include your personal code on JustGiving when you donate after the event.


On their way to chalking up as many climbs as possible, each of the riders is aiming for one of the official awards of Cinglé, Galérien and Bicinglette de Ventoux, which demand three, four or six ascents respectively. The Bicinglette is equivalent to climbing Everest from sea level, covering a not-to-be-sniffed-at 224km in the process; but even the Cinglé, at half that, is quite something to chew on.

We’re promised a little more on the site in the days leading up to the event, so it’s worth following @lejourdefrance on Twitter to stay updated. (And, of course, there’ll be plenty of tweeting of the misery on the day.)

And don’t forget to spread the word (here’s a handy readymade tweet) so that more people can encourage the lads to rip their legs off on one of cycling’s most notorious mountains.

So get pledging, and be sure to enjoy your nice relaxing Sunday ride…!

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  1. We’ve got T-shirts, too 🙂

    Over £5 goes to Amnesty (and nothing to us) for every one sold:

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