Tuesday Treats 141: Ubyk

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This week, we revisit: Ubyk

Oxford. As if being responsible for Radiohead, Ride, Foals, Supergrass and of course, the mighty The Egg wasn’t enough, it also spits out brainiacs like an industrial-sized-brain-blender.

Stealthy line up
Stealthy line up

A couple of years ago we were introduced to an Oxford based start-up business. They’re making waves in the bike industry by offering a custom build process online for customers who want to visualise their dream build, before pressing the Nuclear Button.

Director James Heath and his trusted team continue to make complicated tech work simple for riders who want to go online to make their bike dreams a reality. Ubyk have a staff body that makes sure if you want to chat bikes, drop in for coffee, get some sound advice or quality after sales support, every angle is covered.

Ubyk, a crazy couple of years James?

You could say that. From day one, we set out to set ourselves apart as custom build experts and have set about reinforcing this with our custom ‘ProBuild system’ which acts as a destination for the rider who wants to create their custom dream bike. Since then, our e-commerce side has flourished and we now have a great selection of off the peg bikes and components online.

#BikePorn …

How have tech developments allowed the concept to grow?

Our customers can personalise your ultimate ride by speccing everything from wheels to groupsets, saddles to stems and chains to tyres. Our software means that with each change to the spec you can see how your bike is coming together.

A ‘real’, virtual consultation

Once you’ve built your bike virtually, our expert workshop team will then build the bike piece by piece and involve you in the experience by cataloguing each stage, enabling you to fine tune and revise your design along the way.

We hear plans are afoot to launch Ubyk onto the south coast?

Ah yes! Our latest plans for World Domination (:-)) are on schedule and are currently being prepared in the good City of Brighton. This is a very exciting time for us as the style of our store [Ubyk’s Oxford store won STW ‘Showroom of the Year’ 2014 – Ed] fits perfectly with the other boutique and creative stores around that area of Brighton.

The store will have two floors and will showcase the very best of the best from Santa Cruz, Orange, Nukeproof, Cube, Orbea, Evil, Lapierre and more. Staff are currently being lined up, interviewed and primed for launch in the Autumn, so if you are of the bike nut persuasion get in touch directly.

How do you make the link between the virtual and reality?

Our handpicked team simply love bikes – they might not like the term, but they’re all definitely bike geeks. We love to build, read about, ride and would even eat bikes if we could. At Ubyk we take enormous pride in our customer service and believe that our tailored advice to you as an individual will give you a dream bike that will meet your exact requirements.

What about those who might to actually talk to a real person?

… all built reassuringly from a bricks and mortar base.

We’re more happy to chat over the phone, via email or, if you come to our boutique Oxford store, with a fresh coffee and with a one to one conversation. It’s your choice.

We also stock a full range of helmets, clothing and accessories and offer everything from a free basic bike fitting to a Pro-Fit (£125) and even fitness testing for a true dream bike experience! To find out more, visit our store (in Oxford) or www.ubyk.co.uk

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