Throwback Thursday: What Goes On Behind The Lens

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There's a lot more to taking pictures than just, well, taking pictures
There’s a lot more to taking pictures than just, well, taking pictures

Mark Twain is probably the wrongly attributed source of more quotes than any other literary figure in history, one of those being this gem about that venerable pastime involving manicured greens and tiny balls: “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”

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The images we got from that night shoot, as well as those from the desert, were keepers. ‘Bangers’, as the kids like to say. But getting those shots sure as hell ruined more than a few good ride opportunities. Was it worth it? Looking at those pictures, I forget about the time spent hungry and sunburned, or cold and tired. I see people flying. I see ribbons of trail snaking toward the horizon and riders moving fast forever. The pictures make people want to ride, they inspire people to dream. For that, it was worth every aching, mind-numbing hour lost, and it will be every time the question comes up in my head in the future, should I find myself wondering about such things while waiting for the light to change.

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