The making of Brandon’s One Shot segment

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Last week you might have been aware of a frankly awesome segment from the unReal movie, in which Brandon Semenuk rides what seems to be a purpose-made trail in California, in one glorious take.

Actually, what the hell. Here it is again:

Now, a making-of has been released, which answers some of the questions raised, and gives a revealing insight into just how these things are done. Big trucks and ridiculously flashy looking cameras feature heavily.

Interestingly, there were one or two comments on the forum about whether the video was slowed down a smidge, in order to make it appear more languid. Well, without it being explicit, the stock footage does seem to be a little more on the swift side – so the answer may well have been yes.

Anyway – without further ado, here it is:

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    I like to be entertained. AND that is ENTERTAINMENT at its very best. Well done to all involved. Amazing.

    I’d be interested (read nosey) to know what it costs to make a film like that, given that it took a month to dig the trail and the kit obviously doesn’t come cheap! Whatever it was, it was money well spent!!

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