Six Six One Wrist Wrap – Review

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First published in Singletrack magazine issue 95

The Six Six One Wrist Wrap is one of those products you really don’t want to have to test unless you’re in a situation where you already need one. Unluckily for me a combination of a stupid slow speed crash, stubbornness and the opportunity to cut short recovery time and get back on the bike gave me the perfect chance to test one. Twice.

With a nice fresh scaphoid break and non-union, I managed a good couple of months wearing the Wrist Wrap to reduce pain during rides, try to prevent the injury from getting worse, and start recovery back on the bike after surgery. In spite of the bone’s initial reluctance to heal, riding was not only possible but more technical descents were still within the realm of possibility.

In use the soft-backed fabric of the wrap felt very comfortable and with three separate Velcro straps, a good fit and level of support were easily sorted. There’s a die-cut stiffening plate that sits under the wrist, from the base of the palm back down the arm, which once strapped up offers plenty of isolation from jarring as well as helping support the joint.

The Wrist Wrap is designed to be able to be worn either under or over clothing. By sizing up I much preferred wearing it over a glove rather than under it, where some rubbing occurred when holding the grips. Obviously an extra layer of cloth is going to feel hotter, especially when pedalling, but the mesh fabric does alleviate this slightly and overall, the trade-off was well worth being able to ride.


A bargain price for a neat bit of kit that will protect and support an injured wrist while riding.


Review Info

Brand:Six Six One
Product:Wrist Wrap
From:ONE Industries Europe,
Price: £9.99
Tested:by Dave for Months and months.

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