OneUp Components’ narrow/wide for Shimano’s newest cranks

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One of the comments about Shimano’s new XTR and XT cranks has been about the bolt pattern. Shimano has offset the four chainring bolts (as it has on its road cranks already) so that the section of the chainring that gets the most stress, also has the most support from the chainring bolts. This also means that those bolts aren’t equally spaced around the ring and therefore nobody’s current replacement chainrings will fit, forcing customers to go with Shimano’s rings – and making aftermarket chainring sellers sad.

Looks like any other narrow-wide ring, but with offset bolt holes
And here it is on a crank. Sizes from 32 to 36T
The rings will fit whether you’re going 1x from a double chainset, or replacing the stock ring

Not that we’ve met anyone who’s worn out any new Shimano chainrings yet, but the time will come – and there will be two-by chainset riders wanting single rings and all that stuff.

OneUp Components (makers of things like the 45T mega cassette ring for Shimano, replacement mech cages and other fun stuff) is one of the first companies to offer replacement rings for this new XT M-8000 bolt pattern. It will also be offering narrow-wide rings, giving riders the choice between Shimano’s tall-tooth chain retention (which we’ve been impressed with so far) and a more SRAM-like narrow-wide way of keeping the chain on the chainring.

The spec is as follows:
Material: 7075-T6
Chainline: 49mm
Weight: 45g (30T), 51g (32T), 60g (34T)
Compatibility: Shimano XT M8000 1X and 2X armsets and MT700 2X armsets
Colours: Black
Price: US$55

OneUp Components offers these narrow wide chainrings for Shimano XT M8000 and MT700 cranks, specifically designed for Shimano’s newest 11 speed groupset. It offers a weight saving of 35g and US$20 over the stock XT (SM-CRM80) single ring (which is thermoplastic-reinforced stainless steel)

Available now at

(Stock M8000 chainring bolts are different lengths for 1X and 2X cranks. The OneUp narrow wide chainrings for XT M8000 include bolt shims. This allows you to reuse your stock Shimano hardware and saves you buying a new bolt pack.)

Don’t lose those washers…

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    One up need to add an oval narrow wide to their to do list!

    I don’t doubt that it’s in their to-do list. Just where, though, I don’t know 🙂

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