New Special Editions from Fox

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Fox have announced that they’re releasing a couple of Special Edition forks, in celebration of Gee Atherton and Manon Carpenter’s DH Championships, and Tracy Moseley and Jared Graves’ similar prowess at the Enduro World Series. The 40 and 36 SE have black top caps, black adjusters, and signature – er – rainbow decals.


THE 40, which has 203mm of travel, has Manon and Gee’s signatures on it, and the 36 is emblazoned with (get AWAY!) Tracy and Jared’s hancock. Only 200 will be made, and prices start and end at $1050 for the 36 and a mere $1700 for the 40.


Gettem while they’re hot!

Fox forks are available from Mojo

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    Do they work any better than the normal ones?

    Of course they do – they have rainbows and signatures on them!

    Ordered one of each as I’m reliably informed that theres a pot of gold with them and each comes with a leprechaun to service it

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