Lady Canning’s Trail Now Open

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The UK’s first ever crowd-funded trail is now open to the public!

Wheel action
Wheel action

Lady Canning’s Trails, in Sheffield, was officially opened last week by professional mountain bikers Steve Peat (who grew up in the Steel City) and Annie Last.

The impressive track was ridden, christened and shredded by riders who helped turn the project into reality by raising over £15,000.

Sheffield’s own Go Outdoors contributed the final £5,000, as well as committing a hefty total of £60,000 to complete the project with a three-phase, 4km loop in the woods.

The trail itself stretches to 1.4km and was built by local constructors Bike Track, who were in co-operation with Sheffield City Council.

Forestry action
Forestry action

Steve Peat of the Santa Cruz Syndicate was understandably pleased with the finished project:

“Everyone involved with the whole process of getting Lady Cannings up and running deserves a huge pat on the back.

“I am impressed with how it has been handled and even more so with the finished product.

“The trail is awesome fun and will be a great learning curve for any level and age of rider. Well done everyone. Cheers.”

The local backing that helped construct this trail will hopefully inspire more development for the mountain bike riders of the UK.

Here’s what went down on opening day:

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    Great project.
    Trail rides really nicely too, especially clever considering the lack of elevation.
    Plenty of natural trails around to link it in to.

    Ridden this for the first time with my two boys, 8 and 10, today. It was good training and great fun. Did a blast without them and its one of those trails that you can make as hard as you want. Top effort.

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