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Here we are again, my friends – it’s just another day in paradise for us lucky obsessed few – so without too much preamble, the least you can do is cast your eyes southwards and check out the wonders to be found in this week’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Fox V1 Helmet

The man with the horn

Richard steels himself for an irate caller with the V1 Vandal.  This little puppy has 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents, exceeds Snell 2010 and DOT certifications and is made from injection moulded polycarbonate. AND you can get matching clobber. Easy, lover – steady on…
Richard has even affixed a little red balloon to the top of it. For luck.

Fox also sent us a matte black one, but Rich was dead set on the pink. Matte Black is a fiver more. Here’s a pic, just for nickc – don’t say we never give you anything:

3… 2… 1… … KABOOM!

Price: £120

From Fox

Pacenti PDent bars and stem

DSC_0554If you peruse our story back at Sea Otter you’ll get a bit more than a simple WTF? at these dimpled bars. In a nutshell, Kirk Pacenti unveiled them earlier this year. You can apparently safely introduce a dimple to the back of the bar, so you can run a shorter stem. Up to 15mm short, in fact (I cannot believe it’s true – but it is!!) – although we think this one is a frankly rudder-like 25mm. You can still alter the attack angle too, by rotating the bars. It’s pretty interesting. And these are a FIRST LOOK! Woop!

The shorter the stem, the less of it there is to look at. Froome wouldn’t run one.
More dimples than a… er.. dimply thing.

Prices -TBC

From – in the UK? No idea yet, but rims are from Evolution Imports, so it seems likely it’ll be them. But these came all the way from Pacenti in the US

Pacenti Valves and Bar Tape


Some Valve Stems, and some 25mm Rim Tape from Pacenti.

Rim tape you can get from Evolution Imports for £12.50. Valve Stems from Pacenti for $19.00

Spank Spike 800 Race Vibrocore bars


Multiply butted bars, people. 800mm wide, and filled with a sort of foam core which apparently damps vibration and leads to less fatigue. Awesome. What will Barney make of them? We wait – and we wonder.

Price: £74.99

Spank Oozy stem

DSC_0568A stem for the ages – with a sort of ’50s polished streamlined look. Sort of Dan Dareish.  Tidy. 50mm long, too, and if you look at the ‘OOZY’ logo upside down it looks like it’s saying h200. I don’t know what it means.

Price: £59.99

Bars and stem from Hotlines

Specialized Ambush helmet

Hello, ladies

Barney models this subtly orange helmet from the big Speccy. Loads of cool features, and it comes up big too. Micro-adjustable head fitment, micro-ratcheting helmet which goes up high enough that you can stow your goggles, loads of huge vents, and it extends down the back to protect your delicate like china noggin.

Price: £120.00

From: Specialized

Fox AIRSPC Enduro goggles

I missed again

Apparently these are made extra comfy by dint of the fact that they’ve increased the volume inside the goggle by 30%. Nose guard, lots of foam and an increased peripheral viewing area.

Price: £48.00

From: Fox

Vittoria Barzo and Peyote tyres


The Barzo – expert rider’s high speed trail tyre, apparently. Small block treads. Looks fast as ‘owt. And claimed to be light as anything, too. And the Peyote – fast XC tyre, light, for dry conditions. Fingers crossed they don’t precipitate loads of rain in the air tonight – although the forecast isn’t looking ideal.


Price: £35.99

From: Chicken Cycles

Vittoria Goma


Ah, now this is an huge looking tyre – much more of an enduro-looking beastie. In fact, I wish it would rain down so I can see what it’s like in the slither. All conditions use, grippy compounds – all that good stuff.

Price: £39.99

From: Chicken Cycles

KMC X11SL Chain

DSC_0550KMC has found a day of adding a ‘diamond-like coating’ or DLC to its chains so these orange and red (and black) jobbies will remain that way for months to come, resisting wear. As if you needed a reason to keep your chain clean, eh? It’s the least you can do! Comes in black/black too for the shy, and lots of other colours for the co-ordinated.


From: Chicken Cycles

Vittoria Rock CNS Fluoro


Some noisy disco-slippers to keep you dancin’ for one more night… lightweight tootsie adornments, with “innovative high-tech micrometric cable closure, CNS (Not full carbon) sole with rubber and auto-shaping carbon fibre insert” it says here. Plus an anti-tendonitis spur!

Price: £199.99

From: Chicken Cycles

SRAM 1×11 GX 1400 groupset


The whole GX shebang, in one glorious photograph. I cannot believe it’s true! Looks very tidy indeed.

Price: A trigger actuated 1x groupset like this one here will set you back £451 of your Earth Pounds.

From Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Fox Bomber and Dirtpaw Glove

DSC_0581 Hand adornments with varying protection levels from Bombers (lots and lots) to Dirtpaw (not so much). Nice palms too.

Price: Bomber – £45, Dirtpaw – £24

Fox Nomad Long sleeve jersey

Oh god

Long sleeved wicking top in which Barney can look foolish. Here he practices his dance moves, to the terror of all. He’ll probably keep on dancing into the light though, unless we put bear traps on the floor like we did last time. We wait, and we wonder.

Price: £45.00

From Fox

Fox Titan Peewee elbow guards

DSC_0585Protection for 6 – 8 year old elbows – or alternatively really, really skinny people. We’re giving them to Rich.

Price:  £10.00

From Fox

That’s all for this week!

The least you can do is get out on a bike this weekend, and enjoy the weather – whatever it is! Remember – Mountain Biking – it’s a groovy kind of love.

ST out.

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