Juliana Primeiro saddle – Review

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First published in Singletrack Magazine issue 95

Juliana markets the Primeiro with the tagline “a day in the saddle shouldn’t feel like one” and I’d say that sums up nicely how the sign of a good saddle is that it goes unnoticed. A badly fitting saddle can really affect how a bike feels to ride and has a massive negative effect on enjoyment. Saddles are a notoriously personal choice and what suits one rider won’t necessarily fit another, which always makes saddle shopping a bit of a nightmare.

With this in mind I was impressed right from the first ride with the Juliana saddle. The width of the Primeiro suited my sit bones well and combined with the centre channel offered all-day comfort on the bike. If you’re an average width sit-boned girl, you’ll probably have similar results. There’s enough flex and padding in the saddle to offer support and reduce trail buzz without feeling too sofa-like, striking a good compromise between performance and rider comfort.

Unlike some women’s saddles the rear of the Primeiro is kept fairly streamlined making it easy to move about on and get off the back during technical descents. Likewise the nose of the saddle is padded enough to offer a bit of extra comfort on steep climbs. There’s a good level of construction too, with stitched Kevlar corners to avoid abrasion.

The Primeiro is a saddle which shows a bit of forethought to female riders’ needs. It has just the right level of support and padding for me, while still allowing plenty of movement back and forth over the bike. It’s a saddle which isn’t noticeable in use, and that’s a very good thing.


A well constructed and comfortable saddle that allows plenty of manoeuvrability on the bike.


Review Info

Product:Primeiro saddle
From:Jungle Distribution, jungleproducts.co.uk
Price: £69.99
Tested:by Sharon Anderson for 12 months.

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