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And, once more, Friday peeks its pointy-eared face over the parapet, ready to be either welcomed, and enrobed with loving arms or told to clear off for a bit until we’ve drunk some more coffee. Pretty much everyone is out of the office on holiday, or at press launches, or in Europe racing, or working from home, and there is a distinct whiff of tumbleweed in the air.

As a result, it’s a bit of a quiet week for fancy stuff – but never fear! Even in the most torpid of times, there’s still the odd spangle here and there – let’s take a look, shall we?

KMC X11-SL DLC Black

DSC_0010Not the catchiest of names, really, is it? Nevertheless, this is essentially discreet jewellery you stick on your bike in the hope that it’ll make you fasterer. It’ll certainly make it more cool. DLC stands for ‘Diamond Like Coating’ – so it’s rock’ard, and that. Plus, it’s ninja black for STEALTH.

Price: £86.99

From: Chicken Cyclekit

JetBlack Multitool 20

Can you guess? Can you? Yep! It’s a multitool. It’s and its got 20 things on it! And it’s not completely jet black. Sorry. But bits of it are! A good selection of the usual tools needed – a chain device, hex tools, screwdrivers, allen keys; you know the drill. Nice aluminium chassis to keep the weight down. Plus, a bottle opener! Yay!

Price: £21.99

From: Chicken Cyclekit

Border Seatposts


These came in to the office in two sizes – 27.2 and 31.6mm. 2014 alloy, with a decent looking clamp. 400mm long.

Price: 39.99

From: Chicken Cyclekit

Jetblack Patrol Glasses


Budget shades of sleekness. Glowering Victorian Man likes them as they prevent the chemicals leaking out of his eyes. For the rest of us, they’re light, and they also come with additional clear and amber lenses. Win!

Price: £15.99

From: Chicken Cyclekit

Bunnyhop Tribe Bleed Kits

DSC_0037 DSC_0039

Bleed kits for Shimano and Avid/Formula etc brakes. Everything you need for trouble-free bleeding and fine-tuned brake fettling. Plus the weird bunny logo…

Price: €23.99 – UK pricing TBD


Bell Full9 visor

This is a replacement visor for Bell’s Full9 helmet, as Richard’s cracked the original – no doubt while doing something painfully rad. Or perhaps radically painful.
£29.99, from Zyro.

bellSweet Protection Bushwhacker MIPS

Something else on the list of things Richard has recently broken includes this Sweet Protection Bushwhacker helmet. Never let it be said that we don’t take our product testing very seriously here at Singletrack – still, at least we know the MIPS works as he’s still walking and talking as much (non)sense as usual. Thanks to Sweet Protection for stumping up another one so testing can continue.
£169.99, from Sweet Protection.

sweet2 sweet

Easton Goodies

barsSarah’s penanceprize for turning the office upside down this week, is to star in Fresh Goods. Here she is studiously avoiding the camera while holding a fine pair of Easton Haven 35 carbon handlebars (or is that two pairs of handlebars?). Both are light, low rise, up to date with de modern 35mm standard, and 750mm wide/narrow (depending on your point of view/ape index). One is red, and one is blue. So clearly one is going on a green bike, and one on a yellow bike. Perhaps.
£129.99 each, from Silverfish.
stemsEaston Haven 35 stems, to go with the above bars. The sensible 50mm one in the foreground is for Jenn’s long-term Yeti SB5c (which is not one of the pink ones, in case you’re wondering), and the 32mm one at the rear is for Matt – it’s as short as it’s possible to go without squishing your bars in a vice a la Pacenti. We think he will like it.
£79.99 each, from Silverfish.

SUPACAZ bar tape

Sarah is modelling SUPACAZ ‘Super Sticky Kush’ bar tape – sticky, silicon tape for drop bars, so it’s probably destined for the weirdos over at Grit.CX (ie. Jenn and Chipps).
Green is £27.95, while blue/black is £32.95 – obviously blue is the better colour, so it costs more. Try saying SUPACAZ in lower case – doesn’t work, does it? SUPACAAAAAAAZ. There we go.
Also from Silverfish.

tape2Chimpanzee foodstuffs

Assorted bars and powders from Chimpanzee – some of which are vegan friendly (though we doubt the chimpanzees really care one way or the other). Apricot or Cashew Caramel All-Natural Energy Bars (£1.80 each), Date & Vanilla or Peanut Butter Organic Protein Bars (£2.25 each), and Lemon or Grapefruit Gunpowder Energy Drink (£1.40 a sachet). That’s lunch sorted, then…

All from VeloBrands.


Juice Lubes and Chapeau potions and unguents

Lots of bottles from the nice folk at VeloBrands! Viking Juice all-conditions chain lube (£9.99/130ml), Tyre Juice tubeless sealant (£14.99/500ml), Dirt Juice SUPER concentrated bike cleaner (£11.99/1 litre), Chain Juice wet chain lube (£7.99/130ml), Bearing Juice multi-purpose grease (£5.99/100ml) – and Chapeau long-lasting chamois cream (£11.99/200ml). Best not get those last two mixed up…

All from VeloBrands.


And that’s yer lot! We’re hitting the trails while the weather holds – see you out there!

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    aargh new standard gnashing of teeth this time it’s handlebars urrrgghh! etc etc

    Having all Black on Black car, and a Black guitar, I really liked the idea of the Stealth Black chain, until I saw the price.

    23 euro for a bleed kit. without going off to google that’s very good isn’t it?

    Do you have to be in the industry for a replacement bell visor? Zero won’t sell me one for my stood on super2 and insist on full crash replacement! Bell USA disagree and say its replaceable, but just sent me a link to chain reaction and told me to buy one there! Obviously non in stock – like I hadn’t tried. Awesome customer service after multiple emails to both! I’m just being ignored now.

    Just order one though your lbd?

    Beagle, sorry I’ve only just seen your comment. I’m not sure about Bells or Zyro’s stance on replacing 2r visors, but I agree with welshsapannermonkey. If you pop to your lbd they will most probably have a Zyro account and should (if they are helpful) be able to order you a replacement. Cheers.

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