The Art Of Balance – video

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Thomas Bannister had an accident eight years ago, and lost the use of his left arm. Didn’t stop him though:


Barney Marsh

Singletrack Magazine Contributor

Barney Marsh takes the word ‘career’ literally, veering wildly across the road of his life, as thoroughly in control as a goldfish on the dashboard of a motorhome.

He’s been, with varying degrees of success, a scientist, teacher, shop assistant, binman and, for one memorable day, a hospital laundry worker. These days, he’s a dad, husband, guitarist, and writer, also with varying degrees of success. He sometimes takes photographs. Some of them are acceptable.

Occasionally he rides bikes to cast the rest of his life into sharp relief. Or just to ride through puddles. Sometimes he writes about them. Bikes, not puddles.

He is a writer of rongs, a stealer of souls and a polisher of turds.

He isn’t nearly as clever or as funny as he thinks he is.

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    Decent riding and really well filmed I thought.

    Amazing. Top effort!

    Blimey, expected to be impressed in a “Isn’t that amazing of him that he’s still riding his bike” kind of way, but that was different class. Many fully able-bodied riders (myself included) would be chuffed to ride like that. Chapeau!

    Echo above comments – seriously impressive.

    The word ‘inspirational’ is often used, but that really is – goes to show that you can do anything if you try hard enough!

    Genuine question (although it may seem a bit dick-ish) – why not cut the handlebar down on the left? Would make it even harder to steal, too…

    I have tried off road riding one handed … did not last long or end well
    That was very very impressive and i did not expect that sort of speed , finesse or control

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