Spotted at Bike Festival Garda – Vecnum Leveloc

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Purveyors of a very nicely machined dropper Vecnum were busy demonstrating their latest creation the Leveloc. It’s a high tech solution that can replace traditional methods such as inner tubes and toe clip straps that we’ve seen used in the past.

Fully extended
Fully extended

The Leveloc is a ‘Rope Travel Adjustment’ mechanism which aims to provide a solution for long travel fork users facing long, long alpine climbs. With a specially adapted stem plate that houses the mechanism users can compress their non travel adjust forks to shorten them for sustained ascents. The stem mount keeps everything easily within reach, and makes adjustments easy to carry out without having to get off the bike.

Pull cord
Pull cord

The system adds only 60g to the weight of the bike so is unlikely to be felt when climbing. Once at the top simply flick the lever to horizontal and the forks will extend to full travel again. For long descents, or one up/one down rides the whole thing is easily removed at the top and stowed away until it’s next needed.

Ready to climb
Ready to climb

Price is €230 including the stem. 


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    If you did not removed it, and took a big hit, is there not a small chance the slack could catch the tyre…? Cue over the handlebars…

    Looks like an expensive bodge to me,can’t see anything high tech about it

    Jesus, that is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen. And I’m not even going to start on the price…..

    Will it work with my Flexstem?

    Jam a length of iron bar into the rear shock as well : hey presto, the perfect climber

    230 euro for a nylon strap? I think they saw you coming 😉

    I’ll leave the stem / forks thing that’s too expensive
    But where can I get my hands on that wooden ski bike?

    Why bother with this expensive solution when you can simply reach forward and pull your fork crown up with your free hand whilst climbing..?!?

    Some muppet somewhere will buy one….

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