Issue 98 is on its way

by singletrackjenn 2

Chipps is listening to George Michael, Barney’s reverse-distilling rhubarb and ginger gin and hunting for the straws, and everyone who’s anyone else has cunningly escaped to TweedLove – yep, it’s deadline time at Singletrack! Once again our Towers reverberates to the sounds of gargantuan machinery grinding its way into action – although these days it’s not cotton looms in our mill, but our colossal coffee machine. Look:

Yes readers, our coffee machine is four storeys high. That’s Chipps, for scale, looking panicked, and yellow (he’s got liver issues).

See? It’s mahoosive. So as we, gently fizzing with caffeine, dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s on the last bits of Issue 98, help yourself to a glimpse at the gorgeous cover shot. If you want to get the full-length, supersize Subscriber Edition of the magazine, then you’ll need to subscribe by midnight on Sunday (or hotfoot it to your nearest Premier Dealer on 11th June, when the issue goes on sale).

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What’s on the cover?

Take a moment…

We chose a shot by Ale Di Lullo for this issue’s cover. The glowing dust surrounding Darren Berrecloth as he shreds that Californian ridge is exactly what we’re hoping to find when we leave the office tomorrow and go and ride our bikes. Although we suspect we could replace ‘glowing dust’ with ‘murky drizzle’ – and ‘Californian Ridge’ will no doubt be substituted with ‘Calderdale snicket’. But THAT’S NOT GOING TO STOP US!

So all of you with your noses pressed comedically against similar midweek grindstones: Today we salute you. Tomorrow, we ride! Or, er – hang on – Saturday. Yes. The DAY AFTER TOMORROW, WE RIDE!

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  1. Best check the copyright icon hasn’t escaped this time eh! 😉

  2. @maxtorque it’s less funny after the 38502734972541st time.

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