Invest In Fork Seals: It’s A New Kickstarter Project

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So the idea is that the seals on your forks are rubbish. They are tight and all ‘frictiony’ and slow down the action of your fork – So says German startup company Dämpferklinik on their Kickstarter page.


They have no only come up with a new design that includes replaceable parts that work better than ordinary seals, but they’ve also added lots of colours. And if there’s one thing we’ve been hoping for over the last decade or so it’s coloured fork seals. Now, we can all invest in them and help these guys get the €85k they want to be able to start manufacturing their new super slick and coloured fork seals.

The planned retail price of the seals is €39 but for €19 up front now you get a set if they reach their target. Or if you want in at the top €999 gets you ten sets in a colour to match your ‘team’.

Sentinel Wipes Better! is the caption they’ve gone with on their Kickstarter page. Being honest, it’s not fork seals that brings to mind.

Check out the video and all he technical details here. Do that before passing comment, because actually, they may well be on to something. Whether it’s something worth €85k or not we guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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Comments (5)

    Looks pretty good… I’m in for 19euro + 6 postage but they’re gonna need another 2,300 backers to hit the 85k target. Fingers crossed,,,

    I’m quite happy with the current crop of fork seals. And for that reason, i won’t be backing and i’m out.

    Ten sets for only €999 – put me down for 20!

    Interesting. This sort of scraper has been around for years. Although its not a seal as there is always a leakpath, i.e. youd be knackered if you turn your bike upside down.

    carbon filled PTFE would be the best choice of seal as its very hard wearing, UV stable.

    Lovin the enduro colorways, plus the murdered out option of course.

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