Enduro World Series Stage 3: Day 2 Details

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Here are the highlights of all the stages for the final day of this weekend’s EWS event from Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

For a flavour of what is to come here’s our final day highlights from 2014.

EWS Peebles: Day 2


  • Descent: 280m
  • Distance: 1.8km

Back for day two, riders climb to the very top of Glentress to face the first descent of the day. The top, fresh cut trail requires commitment as the trail turns downhill. Make it out of the dense forest and the tech mellows as the trail flows riverside down to the finish.

Includes: B-Side, Big Trees


  • Descent: 294m
  • Distance: 4.6km

A monster 4.6km trail beginning at the mast before taking in Spooky Wood, the valley’s most well known stretch of trail, before diving through a dyke (wall) and onto a section of Betty Blue. After that, things tighten up, roots appear and light fades as the woods get dense. A short climb gets riders back on the some tight twisty trails to the finish. Maintain speed and keep the flow. Lung buster, leg burner. Staying 100% on the gas all the way will be hard! Head to the end of the Pie Run to catch them hitting the drop-off with very tired legs.

Includes: Carl’s Lane, Spooky Woods, Shallow Grave, Broon Troot, Pie Run.


  • Descent: 184m
  • Distance: 1.2km

The shortest stage of the weekend, but this stage packs a punch. Fast, flowy and rooty gives way to tight, steep and rocky. A repeat of a stage last year, this was many riders’ favourite. The final descent is one of the easier to access and is a great place to get that cow bell working hard. Get to Hecklers Corner and get heckling!

Includes: Sections of Ewok Village, The Bitch, Ponduro trail.


  • Descent: 419m
  • Distance: 5.1km

A legendary trail in the valley, and it just got bigger. Over five kilometres of trail, descending over 400m. This is like a sampler of the valley in one stage. Fast, flat corners give way to sniper roots and a flat out, body shaking pedal down open hillside. Back in the woods the trail delivers a short sharp climb, then it’s back on the gas down to the valley floor. There’s a great hecklers corner 10mins walk from town. What are you waiting for? Make some noise, and give the riders a massive Bike Valley reception after two big days of racing. The whole race could well be won or lost on this stage.

Includes: Firetower trail, Ho Chi Min, Zoom or Bust, The Fort and Jenny’s New Pants.


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