Video: The Black Canyon Trail.

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Rocky Mountain has just released the production version of its Overland bike – a full suspension, 27.5+, carbon, bikepacking-specific trail machine. We’ll have more details on that shortly but in the meantime here’s the film that’s been made to promote the launch, which is really rather lovely.

Shot by Brian Vernor and starring Andreas Hestler, Wade Simmons and Geoff Gulevich – so entirely not your normal bikepacking crew – plus Rocky Mountain bike designer Alex Cogger, it follows the gang as they tackle the Black Canyon Trail. They spend three self-supported days traversing the 80 miles of singletrack and making their loaded Overland bikes do things loaded bikes should never be made to do – all on a backdrop of cacti, things with bullet holes in and a Spaghetti Western soundtrack. Brilliant.

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    Awesome. Really reminds me why getting out riding in the middle of nowhere is the best feeling there is.

    For anyone considering the BCT, it’s pretty amazing- almost entirely good, fun singletrack. One day can be pretty brutal, but two days would be pretty sweet…

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