Sea Otter 2015: Enve Composites

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Top end US carbon wizard, ENVE, always has something or other to see at the Sea Otter. This year it showed a new carbon seatpost, a new DH riser bar, a rigid MTB fork we’d not seen before (although it’s not that new) and a revamp of its carbon handlebar line.

The old post was infinitely adjustable, but the single bolt design tended to stay where it was put – until tapped with a drift – so ENVE redesigned it with two wedges that would make it easy to adjust, not take a ton of torque to do so and still adjust from the side, rather than from underneath. In addition, there is a reversible cradle for today’s taller carbon saddle rails.

Full wrap of the carbon makes it very strong


Comes in 25.4(!), 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6mm


Easy torque values allow for push-push angle adjust.

And here’s the rigid MTB fork, featuring thru-axle, swappable trail adjusting chips, an integral splash guard and non-internal (i.e. external…) cable routing.


Carbon and blue, a good colour combo.


Fork trail adjustment with a flip-chip


ENVE’s carbon stems go from long to teeny

There are (apparently) some downhill racers that like a higher front end, so ENVE has introduced a 40mm rise downhill bar for those that like to keep it up in the air. The rest of the range has also gained some width for the trail bars, up to 760mm.


Carbon bar and carbon stem. You’d better be good…


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