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Well now, here’s a fine to-do! It’s Good Friday, the day when children are officially allowed to eat as much chocolate as they like, and grownups get to clear up after them and/or try to catch them following the inevitable hyperactivity that results. HOORAY! But in the mean time, stop reading this introductory blather, and divert your attention away from noises of children scoffing Easter eggs by staring at drooling pictures of bikes, an’ that. It’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Mondraker Foxy SE 27.5

This very limited edition Mondraker Foxy is only available in limited numbers, and Our Rich will be hammering it round a few Enduro races. He’s got it as a long termer, so he’ll be riding it, tweaking it and reporting on what he’s done and why…

Long and purposeful
Clever pivot cluster, and 140mm of rear bounce
RaceFace cranks power 1x10sp Shimano with e.thirteen expander cog – built for speed…
Special – and fancy internal routing
Just a bit forward…
Internal routing and pressfit BB

Price: £4,699

From: Silverfish

 FSA Chainring

DSC_012030t thick/thin chainring for the maintenance of chain and chainring conformational integrity.

Price: From £45.99

Available from: Windwave

WTB Tyres

DSC_0139Warden 2.3 – a mudspike in the new High Grip Tough compound and Breakout 2.3 tyres in the same compound. They may tell us that spring is on the way, but given the weather this past week I think we’ll hang on to the mud-tyres for just a little longer, eh?

Price: Warden – $73.95, UK TBC. Breakout – £45.99

From: Hotlines

Ritchey WCS Ergo Truegrip, Foam

DSC_0138Chipps has a Ritchey frame to build up, and bits and pieces are coming through for it. These sponge grips are lighter than a very light thing, and are comfy to boot, in a comfy, light spongey kind of way.

Price: £12

Ritchey Headset Spacers

DSC_0137Headset spacers (£17 per bag of 10), and headsets (Comp Drop In, £26; Upper WCS DI TC 8.3mm, £30; Lower WCS DI HT 52-56mm, £28) for the mobile attachment of forks to headtubes of bicycle frames for to make with the big yes funtimes.

Ritchey WCS Vantage Wheelset

DSC_0128Hand made (by Kim, apparently. Hello, Kim). Light and lovely looking round things for sticking on bikes to make them more mobile and entertaining than they would otherwise be.

Price: £625 per pair in the standard qr/15 front, 12×142 rear combo. The rear q/r conversion kit is extra, rrp £55

All from: Paligap

Tom Ritchey – he of Ritchey fame – is a man of substantial cohones (and moustache). Here are some pics of a trail ride undertaken on a road bike recently. We suspect that it’d be more fun on a mountain bike, but we’re glad folks like him exist to shake us out of our existential bubble every now and again.

DMR Zone Alpine Wheelset

DSC_0127Wide (30mm external) welded rims (for strength)  supplied ready to go tubeless. They’re designed to be light but strong, it says here. Claimed weight for the pair is 1838g. Rawr.

Price: £149.99 F, 199.99 R

From: Upgrade


DSC_0134It’s a combined front mudguard and fender type thing that attaches to the top of the brace on your fork.

Price: £10

From: Splashbored

Aldi Men’s Waterproof MTB Jacket

It was THIS big. But mine is loads bigger.

Aldi have long been purveyors of much cheapness, and occasionally they step up to the plate to allow us bikers to nuzzle the nutritious teat of value. We had to persuade GVM into this jacket by promising him industrial quantities of sherbert (he likes sherbert) and the ‘shiny face things’ I fear I may never see again – at least unchewed. And I got them from Boots, so they’re like posh an’ that.

But back to the point! The Aldi jacket is waterproof, natch, and can be packed into itself. I couldn’t find any assurances about breathability (apart from some flannel about Bionic Approval) but it beads moisture, doesn’t look too bad and it’s £25 for heaven’s sake.

GVM’s arse. He made me put this up.

Price: £24.99

Aldi Bike Gloves

Calmly going for the photographer’s throat

These are gloves, see. Minimal padding, and they seem pretty well made. Handy, as GVM is demonstrating, for removing the possibility of leaving your fingerprints anywhere incriminating. Like round the photographer’s neck.

Price: £6.99.

All from: Aldi.

The next bike extravaganza starts apparently on April 12th, so head over to Aldi then for some bike-related cheapness.

Santa Cruz Tallboy LT pivot bearings

DSC_0112The lovely people at Jungle very kindly sorted the bearings on Barney’s Tallboy LT, so he took an inept photograph to show everyone. The lad can’t photograph for toffee.

Price – bearings: £34.00

From: Santa Cruz UK

Well, that’s it for now! Better lift your head from the monitor to see what sort of a mess the family has made of the soft furnishings – or better yet, slope off for a ride! Fingers crossed the weather’s good and the trails are tolerable wherever you are. Have a happy Easter!


Barney Marsh

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Occasionally he rides bikes to cast the rest of his life into sharp relief. Or just to ride through puddles. Sometimes he writes about them. Bikes, not puddles.

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    Easter Sunday for eggs

    Agreed, Sunday for eggs not Friday.

    No doubt they ride great but are those tiny bearings and the position of the pivot really any use in the UK weather?

    Hot X buns on Friday, eggs on Sunday.

    Pivot bearings should be a warrantee replacement, lifetime on bearings on santacruz, just had mine done, labour charge only

    Those Wardens look pretty aggressive!

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