Singletrack Sinema 3

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Britain does surprisingly well on the world downhill scene, given our lack of ‘proper’ mountains. Given that Brendan Fairclough hails from Surrey, a land that doesn’t have any mountains at all, he doesn’t do bad for a flatlander. Although, as you’ll see, it’s far from flat on his local trails.

Here’s a great video from the first of the Welsh Enduro Series rounds at Coed Y Brenin. Look at that sunshine!

It’s not always glory and Champagne though. SRAM’s video follows Brandon Semenuk and discovers what it’s like to go for the win and have to accept defeat

Oh, and as an aside, we have to show you the most dangerous 14 seconds you’ll have seen today!

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    Breakdown of the Welsh Endro Vid:
    1min of people queuing for breakfast
    2mins of people making poor line choices in practice
    30 seconds of people actually racing !
    35 seconds of people on podiums.

    Summat wrong there…

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