MacAskill to Magura

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In not entirely surprising news, top Scottish trials rider Danny MacAskill has signed to Magura brakes.

Danny and friends pack their own boxes. It's not all glamour, you know...
Danny and friends pack their own boxes of Magura goodies. It’s not all glamour, you know…

Magura has long had a significant foothold in the trials market, producing hydraulic rim as well as disc brakes. Of the switch, MacAskill says:

“Brakes are a massive part of Street Trials. There is no compromise for me. I place a lot of trust in my brakes and push them to every limit. I need to rely on my brakes no matter what the conditions are, that is why the Drop and Roll team and I are running Magura and looking forward to a constructive future together.”

MacAskill’s Drop and Roll Tour takes trials riding on tour in Europe this summer, including a stop at the Riva Bike Festival on the first weekend of May.

So much, so average press release – but it gives us an opportunity to play this again, so we’re not going to complain 😉

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