Fresh Goods Friday 232

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To paraphrase that immortal poet, Mr 50p: Hey, it’s the weekend. Were gonna party like it’s the weekend. We’re gonna drink Bacardi like it’s the weekend. And we don’t give a..

oh, wait – it IS the weekend! Hooray! It must be time for Fresh Goods Friday!

Mondraker Vantage RR

DSC_0004Mondraker’s fabled Forward Geometry in a hard tail package that oozes pop. This one’s in for a magazine grouptest. Drivetrain by FSA and SRAM, brakes by Avid, front bounce courtesy of Fox.

Branded saddle…
…and bars

DSC_0009SRAM make with the go; Avid make with the stop.

Boing by Fox – Float Evolution with 32mm stanchions


Short short stem

Price: £1699

From: Silverfish 

Jones Plus 29er


The Jones came in once before, and then went away again, BUT NOW IT’S BACK! In for the same bike test as the Vantage, it’s oozing with 29+ fully rigid loveliness, typical Jones geometry and room for enormo-tyres. As photographed it’s apparently good for less-than-six-footers (this is the longer of the two sizes on offer) but switching the stem and seatpost out should mean it’s good for the loftier of altitude too.

Price: £1350 frame and fork.

From: Biff

 Alpinestars Evolution Jacket

Alpinestars Evolution Jacket

Jamie tries to make himself desirable in the Alpinestars Evolution body armour-and-hydration jacket. The Elvis lips are fooling no-one, Jamie.

Price: £129.99

From: Alpinestars

Gore Alp – X Pro 2 in 1 shorts

Gore bibshorts 2A bib-baggy, if you will. Flappy modern style and panache, mated to a cunning and convenient bib-system. No braces required!

Gore bib shortsHere’s the view from the back. The folk you’ve just overtaken will be able to see from whence your astonishing style came…

Price: £170

Gore Alp-X Pro WS SO Z-off Jersey

Gore ALP - X Pro jerseyA very light, comfy and flexible windstoppery number with zip-off sleeves Napoleon pocket and lots of other nice little touches.

Gore Alp - X Pro Jersey 2…and here it is in green and yellow if you want to look like that chap from Kick Ass.

Price: £169.99

Gore Alp-X Pro WS SO Shorts

DSC_0008More green, more Windstopper. Designed for bike marathons and training, it says here.

Price: £109.99

All from: Gore

Roadhawk Bullet R+ camera

Bullet cameraIt’s a camera! Full HD 1080p resolution at 30FPS (it can do 720p at 60FPS if you want slomo), wrist mounted remote control, waterproof to 10 metres, and it can shoot in loop mode. Nice bullet-y form factor, too.

Price: £149.95

From: Roadhawk

Swarf Stubborn tyre levers

DSC_0020Ridiculously pimp tyre levers to end all tyre levers from the good folk at Swarf. Apparently born out of frustration at silly-tight tyre and rim combos, the intention for these is to deal with the tightest of tyres on delicate carbon rims without damaging anything. Plus they look bling as – we’re loving the little Swarf logo on there. They’re available on a limited run basis for the time being: production should increase after April.

Price: £17.50 with a lifetime warranty

From: Swarf Cycles

Bontrager Foray Gloves

Bontrager glovesSynthetic palmed, silicone fingered, nose wiped mountain-bikery hand-sheaths from Bontrager.

Price: £24.99

From: Trek

And that’s it for this week! There’s the whiff of spring in the air, so the door will be tentatively cracked open wearing fewer waterproof layers than we have been recently. Our knees will still not get an airing, though. Not yet. Have a great weekend; see you on the flipside!


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