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It’s Friday, it’s time for Fresh Goods. We’ve had some fun old things show up this week – although we might save a few of them for next week too. Race bike frames, roundy round and wobbly-round transmission, energy bars in all the flavours and more. Feast your eyes – it’s Friday!

Nicolai Helius AC

It’s Mark’s turn to present his longtermer this week. As an existing Nicloai Helius AC owner in 26 inch wheel option from a few years ago he’s decided to really mix things up and opt for exactly the same bike! Well, not exactly as this year’s Helius Techline AC comes in 27.5 wheels size and there’s been enough upgrades and changes to the design over the last few years to make it a completely different proposition.

Nicolai Helius Techline AC 27.5. Fully built up & hand made in Germany from €3299 to this model at €4999

Mark’s bike is a hand made, fully built option with an off the shelf frame in medium although for an extra €730 you can opt for custom geometry to suit whatever sized body you have. Check out what suspension guru’s mojo have been working in conjunction with Nicolai here for a taste of just how custom you really can go.

SRAM X1 out back…


..with E13 cranks up front
RS at the front (PIKE) and the rear


Rear clearance with the supplied 2.4 Mountain King


Nicolai buying options are either direct from Germany here or via a string of dealers here in Blighty.


MuleBar everything!
Gels, bars? They’re all here. All the flavours
And some approved snackage

Jenn paid a flying visit to MuleBar HQ in Wiltshire last week for the MuleBar Girls-Sigma Sport team launch.
She bought these new Nosebag trail mix packs – ‘Fruit Avalanche’, with wild apricots and cherries, and ‘Savoury’ with tamari nuts and seeds – as well as one of every variety MuleBar, protein bar and energy gel. Thanks MuleBar! Cup of tea, anybody? Nosebags £2.45 each MuleBars and gels £1.60 each MuleBar Recovery £2.50 each All from MuleBar

Fast After 50

It was even addressed to Chipps

The cheeky folks at Cordee have sent this book in with Chipps’ name on. He’s neither fast, nor over 50, but everyone will probably get there in the end, so no smirking at the back. The book shows how to ‘race strong for the rest of your life’ – which doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all. Price is £15.99, from Cordee

Hiplok Gold

Now you see it. Comes in camo, black and more colours.

Hiplok designed this innovative way of carrying a chain bike lock (without being permanently locked in if you lose your key) a few years ago, but it has just achieved Sold Secure Gold status, so it’s very happy. The lock fits round your waist via a quick release plastic buckle and is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Great for messengers and night-out riders alike. Price is £84.99, from Hiplok

Absolute Black chainring and sprocket

Round sprocket and wibbly chainring.

Wibbly wobbly chainring from those clever machinists at Absolute Black. The oval ring “will suit best someone who uses 31 or 32T chainring currently. While pedaling, you will feel similar effort to the one riding round 31T ring, but you will gain the speed similar to riding 34T chainring.” The 40T Shimano cog, meanwhile, tucks in behind your 11-36T cog (after you’ve ditched a middle sprocket) to give that extra low-end grunt. Chainring is £37.99 and sprocket is £49.99 – from

Fast, standing still.

Bontrager XXX Race Shoes

Aimed at professional-level mountain bike racers, these shoes go up to 14! (At least that’s what the sole stiffness claims – on a scale of ten). With dual BOA closures, anti-slip heel cup and bonkers stiff carbon soles, these are shoes deserving of a Ferrari-red colour scheme. They’ll set you back £259.

Rtchey P650B

The original mountain bike moustache

Many riders of a certain age will still go misty-eyed at the thought of a Ritchey steel mountain bike. Far from rest on his welding torch, Tom Ritchey continues to design steel frames and this one is up to date with a tapered headtube with integrated headset and that very-now 27.5in wheel size. A frame will set you back around £750 and we’re building this up into a super race machine for a future bike test.

Ooh… it’s THAT blue.

GT Cycles All Terra Multi Tool

14 tools including a bottle opener

Not just a pretty Zaskar, GT Cycles also makes a range of accessories like pumps, lights, saddlebags and this here neato tool. Price is £19.99 from GT Cycles UK


Zoic shorts and jersey

Mr Green has been raptured. He’ll get back to you.

Zoic was one of the first companies to popularise the baggy shorts and baggy jersey look for mountain biking back in the ’90s. It’s still plugging away and this natty green Uprising Jersey is £46.00, with the Ether Shorts £65 including liner shorts. All from


That’s all for today, we’re off to dodge the last of the winter showers and to try to remember to change clocks on Sunday. You have remembered, right?

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