Fresh Goods Friday 228

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Another week, another haul of sweet new kit to put through the paces of product testing (or riding bikes as we like to call it)…

NS Bikes Snabb E1

160mm of flouro radness
160mm of flouro radness

With a colour scheme that’s got everyone in the office talking about global hypercolour t shirts, and reminiscing about glowsticks and Vicks VapoRub, the NS Bikes Snabb has landed at the office. We only saw it last week at Core Bike but clearly Martin from Hotlines saw the want in our eyes and got one sent up sharpish.

42t for the big climbs
42t for the big climbs

As well as being long and slack the Snabb is a pretty sorted package straight outta the box with a winning combo of Rockshox Monarch RT3 Debonair and Pike taking care of suspension duties. Drivetrain is an enduro friendly and on trend 1 x 10 SRAM X9 with a 42t expander cog to help winch up steep transitions.

Single ring is the true way
Single ring is the true way

It’s one of those bikes that looks ready to rail. If you don’t like the paintjob it’s available as a frame only option in stealthy black too.

Neat internal routing
Neat internal routing

Price: £3199.00

From: Hotlines

Scott Trail MTN 90 Insulator Jacket

Warmth from a small package (the jacket not Dave yeah?)
Warmth from a small package (the jacket not Dave yeah?)

Is it because he’s been living without heating for two weeks or for plans of big mountain adventure? We’re not sure but Dave’s been keen to pack a bit of primaloft in his life. The Trail MTN 90 Insulator is a very packable but warm jacket that’s well worth the space it’ll take up in your pack when heading out on winter mountain forays.

Price: £124.99

From: Scott Sports

Giro Jacket Shoes

New wadrobe required
New wadrobe required

Another pair of shoes for the flat pedal shoe test. Giro’s Jackets are a subtle combo with a skate inspired style and design.

Price: £99.99

Giro Alpinenduro

Is is Alpin enduro or Alpine duro?
Is is Alpin enduro or Alpine duro?

Putting the rugged into waterproof boots. Giro’s Alpinenduro is a firm favourite of our Chipps.


Both From: Zyro

Kali Maya Helmet

Johnny Knoxville's let himself go
Johnny Knoxville’s let himself go

Deep cover helmet for the enduro protection generation. We covered the Maya when it was launched and are looking forward to testing it out.

Price: £TBC

From: NRG4

Hope Spiderless Retainer Ring

One ring to etc etc
One ring to etc etc

A 30t narrow wide ready for strapping onto Hope’s shiny shiny new cranks.

Price: £55.00

From: Hope Technology

Shimano SH-AM41

Stormtrooper boots?

More flat shoe goodness – this time from Shimano. Vibram sole, stiff shank, and velcro-closed laces protection.

Price: £89.99

Shimano Professional Disc Brake Bleed Kit

For little bleeders

everything you need to get that perfect bleed every time with pro workshop kit.

Price: £74.99

All From: Madison

Muc Off Marin Dirty Box

Dirty box
Marin Dirty Box – not a euphanism

Everything you need to keep your Marin in tip top condition, though we reckon it’ll work with other brands too hey?

Price: £23.50

From: Paligap

That’s it for this week, we’re heading off up high to make the most of the frozen #calderfornia tundra trails before the thaw sets in…

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