Birzman Zyklop C-Bag with tools

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Birzman toolkit
Trailside maintenance is something we’d all like to keep to a minimum (apart from when riding with our really fit friends, when it can be the only chance of a leg rest!). But having some decent kit in your pack to get you riding again as soon as possible is well worth carrying, and this nifty little toolkit from Birzman has successfully seen me through most of my mechanicals during the past year.

The set includes a small multi-tool, patch repair kit, mini-pump, tyre levers, a chain tool and a chain tensioner, all housed within a sturdy, partitioned pack. Weight weenies might raise an eyebrow at it being advertised as lightweight, but unless you’re a diehard racer it’s perfectly fine for general trail use.

Convenience wise, the ‘chuckability’ of this self-contained kit is great for easily transferring tools between different backpacks. Quality-wise, the pack and tools reflect the excellent craftsmanship that Birzman is known for. The mini-pump works well, despite its size – but be prepared for some comedy, crazy pumping (and avoid fat bike tubes!). The mini tool is compact, but still manages to include a mini-blade and bottle opener – though it is missing the smaller, brake-adjusting hex keys, and a Torx key. The tyre levers are very good – in fact I’d go so far to say they are the best I’ve used. The chain tool also works very well, and it’s so much easier having a dedicated tool than faffing with a small one on your multi-tool. The patch repair kit does what it says, and the chain tensioner I’ve (luckily) not used yet.

There are also other pockets within the pack, into which I’ve stuffed a tyre boot, chain links, cable ties – and plasters!

Overall: A superb quality kit, which should see you through all but the most catastrophic trailside repairs. Not a bad price for the sum of all the components either.

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Product:Zyklop C-Bag with tools.
Tested:by Jorji for 12 months.

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