SKS Injex T-Zoom

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Length: 26cm
Weight: 182g

The rather nattily-named Injex T-Zoom on first sight looks to be the ‘right’ size for your trail pump needs. Chunkier than most and reassuringly tactile in all the right places, it’s suitable for even the mightiest of trail warriors and yet, at 25cm long, it’s pert enough to stow in the most modest of ride packs.

The weight feels ‘right’ in the hand too, at under 185g. It’s perhaps not the weight weenie’s choice, but it’s well built and sturdy. Even when fully extended, there is very little flex.

The barrel is made of aluminium, while the lavishly-tooled top and tail are plastic and rubber, with rubber seals to keep out the muck. The handle swivels to a T-bar shape to use, with a knuckle guard. Initial inspection yields a disappointingly short stroke – but twist the knurled plastic ring at the top of the barrel for an extender to effectively almost double the volume pumped. The short stroke is great for higher pressures, the longer one for higher volumes. The valve adapters at the far end of the pump are attached solidly at a right angle to the pump, so you have to angle the tyre appropriately, but it keeps things simple.

The telescopic extra volume is slightly fiddly to extend, especially with cold hands, but it works very well, and in operation it feels like it is built for the job. As you pump vigorously like a demon in the cold and rain while your riding pals stand around watching, it performs the task efficiently and consistently.

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Product:Injex T-Zoom
Tested:by Jaimie for 2 months

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