Race Face Nano Pullover

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The Nano Pullover fulfils one of my basic loves in jackets – one I want to wear off the bike. Also, kangaroo pockets make me feel like I’m five years old. I love them. Morning commutes to work have been done in the Nano Pullover, quick after-work blasts, and long days around the Peak District. The hood felt like a bit of a poor-fitting afterthought, but it is removable and you could make a nice lampshade out of it if you wanted.

This is one of the most breathable windproofs I’ve ever had. The material feels delightful against the skin and at no point did I worry about riding without longer sleeves underneath – something I detest in most waterproof laminates. The curious holes around the armpits do a great job of letting enough air in to keep body temperature… erm, temperate.

Saying that, the Nano Pullover is about as waterproof as a teabag. But it’s not supposed to be waterproof: it’ll take a short shower and shrug it off, but it’s in no way going to keep anything more than ten minutes of rain off you.

The cut of the jacket is exceptional: long enough out back, perfect tapered arms with adjustment, and a neck closure that feels like being hugged by a fluffy puppy. If you’re a heavy sweater, or have no interest in waterproofs, I could think of no better place to look.

Overall: More of an autumn safety jacket that you’d want to wear against your skin. Small size and weight mean you’d never regret throwing it in your bag. A return to the light for Race Face.

Greg May.

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Brand:Race Face
Product: Nano Pullover
From:Silverfish, silverfish-uk.com
Tested:by Greg May for 2 months

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