Midweek Mini Movies 235

by Barney Marsh 1

Here’s a selection of silver screen segments that are putting steam in our strides this week:

Mind the Gap: The Making of unReal Episode 1

Episode one of this eight part series takes us to Turtle Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming with Trek athletes Brett Rheeder, Tom van Steenbergen, and Cam McCaul. The concept behind this shoot was fairly simple: ride mountain bikes with horses. The execution on the other hand proved to be a bit more complex.

Emerald Enduro

The Chain Reaction Cycles Emerald Enduro presented by Biking.ie will host the 2nd Round of the 2015 Enduro World Series on the 23rd and 24th of May in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of Carrick Mountain in the Wicklow Hills, also known as the ‘Garden of Ireland’. The best bike riders in the world will complete several timed technical downhill stages, in a rally style format called ‘Enduro’. The rider with the fastest combined stage times on day shall be crowned the winner. Several thousand spectators and dozens of international journalists, photographers and film crews will descend on County Wicklow to witness the most spectacular biking event Ireland has ever hosted.

More info and entry details here

Alright Butt

We all know that one rider who can flick the switch and will well and truly put your riding ability to shame, I think every group of riders has that one guy who does the biggest drop off’s or is capable of putting five seconds into your times. In my experience that person was Joel, when I felt my fastest I had this cheeky kid buzzing on Coca Cola putting in big time gaps against me. To make it even more frustrating he didn’t train no where near a much as me, he was making all his time in the turns.

Then we became good friends and training partners, if I could learn from his riding techniques he could learn from my training techniques. He is a local legend in the Cwmcarn and the South Wales area, still yet to shine on the World Cup circuit but that time is nearing. See for yourself in his latest edit!

Turner King Khan

The Khan completely redefines what a mountain bike is. We built this bike to open riders’ minds to what is possible with more traction, and the best way to describe the experience is: an awakening to what is possible on a bike. Until one has ridden a rough climb on King Khan or descended a slippery trail, you really don’t realize how much mental energy is being exerted in the pursuit of traction. The Kahn, with over five inches of travel and a massive foot print, allows a rider to stick lines only available to mountain goats and downhill pro’s in the past. When traction is virtually unlimited, a rider can push through limits.

King Khan is not just a fat bike. We refer to it affectionately as an All-Terrain Bike due to its ability to shine in a much more diverse range of conditions than a traditional mountain bike. With dw-link rear suspension, the bike pedals exceptionally well, virtually eliminating the fat bike bounce and gives the feeling of low-level flight over rough terrain.


Tweedlove Enduro World Series entries are open from 5PM today – so get your entries in!

To celebrate, here’s our footage from  last years’ event. It was a top five days of riding and we’d recommend you try and get an entry…


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