Ion K-Sleeve

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The K-Sleeve is marketed as a pad that can be worn all day without thinking about it. A lightweight, low-volume pad using ‘Flex-Protection’ memory foam covering the kneecap and top of the shin. Foam padding also wraps round the sides of the upper calf, to add slightly more coverage. To help with ventilation the whole back piece is constructed from a fishnet-style fabric. Ion has done away with straps and has instead opted for silicon grip strips around the bottom of the calf and the top of the thigh. Also helping to keep the pads in place and your legs warm is a lycra sleeve that fits nicely under your shorts and eradicates gaps – very much like a kneewarmer, in fact. I’ve been wearing the K-Sleeves on all but the most serious of rides and when I might have reached for a kneewarmer, I’ve grabbed these instead. The protection is comfortable and will keep your skin intact if you slide on loose terrain. An ideal choice for those looking for a pad to wear all day, or someone considering pads for the first time.


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