Wolf Tooth Ultralight Lockring & BB Wrench

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Smudgey, but good.
Smudgey, but good.

Why would anyone need a lightweight bottom bracket/cassette lockring tool, I wondered when first shown Wolf Tooth Components’ red ano model at Interbike last autumn.  After all, the mark of a good tool is usually its heft.  And heft is something this goes out of its way to avoid.

Cut from 7075 aluminum, the Bottom Bracket Wrench is splined at one end to fit Shimano and compatible external bottom bracket cups.  At the far end, a 1in hex is ringed with inset magnets, against which a steel cassette lockring tool snaps.


Though not as comfortable in use as a thicker wrench, the Wolf Tooth setup comes into its own when packing a bike for travel.  While Centerlock rotors are a great idea all of the time, they are a revelation when it comes to easy removal/installation on a travel bike.  Just ask anyone who has found themselves at their destination with nine of twelve rotor bolts or on holiday facing a severely bent rotor because they just couldn’t be bothered with all of the fiddly Torx bolts.

Overall:  The Wolf Tooth wrench set is light enough to pack along, bright enough to not be left behind, and seems more than durable enough for home use.  Pricing reflects their specialised nature- but regular travelers may well find the expense justifiable (and something that a single weight surcharge could cover).  Planned additional inserts will only increase usefulness.

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Brand:Wolf Tooth Components
Product:Ultralight Lock Ring & Bottom Bracket Wrench
From:Wolf Tooth Components
Price:$33/$16 (£22/£10)
Tested:by Marc B for Two months

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