Countdown To Summer Starts Here

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Ah, December! The time of year when the bikes get put away and the mince pies are brought out. Its wet and cold, and the days are short. There’s a lack of motivation in the air and the sunshine can’t come soon enough. So what better way to get everyone excited for those sunny times than some summer banger edits that get you stoked to ride once again.

Lets start off with SRAM’s New Zealand adventure, Always Summer Somewhere. This short film really gets you motivated to not only get out and ride, but to go out on a adventure with your mates. Chuck your gear in the back of the van and just drive, experience new riding and just have fun on your bike. Rad.

Always Summer Somewhere | New Zealand

We always dream about journeys to places like this, but for most mortals these reveries rarely become a reality. When it was decided that a group of us would spend seven days on the roads and trails of New Zealand’s South Island, hovering largely around the Craigieburn and then Nelson area, most of us were in disbelief until the moment we landed on Kiwi soil.

Next up is one of the best POV films we have seen this year. During their trip to Whistler in 2013 Thomas Vanderham, Brendan Faiclough and a host of pro riders absolutely shredded the bike park, and produced this awesome edit.

DirtTV: Whistler Headcam with Brendan Fairclough and Thomas Vanderham

DirtTV: Whistler Headcam

Year after year, the Coastal Crew produce some amazing films – and of course this year was no different. There are a number of Coastal Crew edits were could have picked but this one really got us pumped to ride. Dylan and Curtis just go for a ride and shred some loam; is there anything better?

Rake & Ride with The Coastal Crew

The Coastal Crew have been searching for that ideal zone with endless natural lines for years. That one magic zone they could walk into with hand tools, rake, ride and repeat. The goal was to embrace natural terrain, find the limits of traction and most of all have fun doing it.

There are a number of Finale edits out there, but this one from the 2013 EWS final round sticks out from the rest. Nino Schurter (XCO Champion) and Brendan Fairclough (Downhill Elite), two riders from opposite disciplines riding the same bikes and trails absolutely shredding.

Opposites Attract: Brendan Fairclough and Nino Schurter ride the EWS final in Finale Ligure, Italy.

SCOTT athletes Nino Schurter and Brendan Fairclough couldn’t be more different with regards to riding styles or background. But when you get the current XCO World Champion and one of the most stylish riders on the downhill circuit on a bike, everything falls into place. Even though Nino’s favorite sections are the ones that Brendan is less than fond of, there is plenty of common ground where the two are secretly trying to one up each other. After only a short amount of time their friendship has grown and the constant discussions of everything under the sun provides for a wealth of world class insider-information. It’s funny how a bicycle can bridge the gap between such different people, and can lead to a mutually beneficial competitive environment.

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