A nice, simple hardtail from Kingdom Bikes

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The Brigante: trail titanium with acres of mudroom…

Non-drivetrain-side shot? Heresy!
Breaking all the rules!
(with non-driveside photography)

Designed as a do-it-all hardtail, the Brigante from Kingdom Bikes claims to be as at home on Alpine epics as it is in the muck and mire of a Northern European winter.  Built around 27.5 wheels, the frame has a number of nice details that allow for healthy tyre clearance despite quite short (425mm) chainstays.  When things get less epic and more rad, the rough and the tumble are managed by an ISCG05 chain guide mount.

You could drive a truck under that bridge
CNC’d bridge and chainstay yoke are your friends

The nicely tapered head tube is supported by a compact gusset and finished (as it should be) by a winged head badge.

Who likes welds?
Who likes welds?
Good bikes deserve proper head badges.
Good bikes deserve proper head badges.

“On the trail the Brigante’s solid design combined with the compliant nature of Titanium makes a confident and inspiring ride that will take you anywhere and over anything”. 

All Kingdom Bikes frames come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime crash replacement programme.  The Brigante is available in three sizes direct from Kingdom Bike for £1,500. Custom paint and other options are also available, priced upon request.


More room for mud...
More room for mud…

Comments (8)

    2 year warranty on a £1500 hardtail. Not a chance!!

    Shame – nice looking bike

    Yeah most companies are “lifetime warranty on the downtube, as long as it’s never ridden”

    Sadly totally agree – bought my first (and last) Ti frame back in 2007 – it lasted for 6 years before failing, no warranty, no frame for life – wasn’t that the point of Titanium….

    Lifetime warranty generally means the usable lifetime of the bike witch generally is around 5 years.

    Depends who you speak to though. To be fair, if any of my bikes broke after five years of hard use. I wouldn’t complain.


    I know personally one of the head guy there, Chris, and I am telling you that you will struggle to find another person in bike industry who is as nice and friendly as Chris is. He is a top bloke!

    Aslo, do not forget about this:

    Crash replacement – In addition to our warranty, all KingdomBike frames are covered for life under our “Crash Replacement Policy” to the original registered owner. If for any reason (and we do mean “any” reason) you should find yourself with a broken frame, you may send us the broken frame or section and we will replace it or repair it at a cost well below retail.

    Lovely looking thing that

    I’ve been really interested in the Vendetta 2 and at £1000 for the frame it seems cheep. There isn’t much information on the company on their site?

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