Wolf Tooth stainless singlespeed cogs

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Deep-tooth cogs from the one-by specialists

16t, 18t, and 20t available now
16t, 18t, and 20t available now

Winter is on its way.  Dark, damp, drivetrain-destroying winter.  The time of year when it’s too cold and too dark to sometimes be bothered with the post-ride hosedown.  In other words, singlespeed season.  With that in mind, US-based CNC machinists Wolf Tooth Components have released a new set of stainless steel singlespeed cogs.  The appropriately-named Stainless Steel Single Speed Cog is cut from 416 stainless steel with an integral 4.5mm wide spline.

Wolftooth ss_cog2_1024x1024 feat
Not only is the 20t the easiest- it’s also the prettiest.

Thought (by Wolf Tooth) to be the lightest stainless cogs going, the Cog comes in at 30g, 35g, and 40g for 16t, 18t, and 20t versions.  Rather than going with their trademark narrow/wide tooth profile, they’ve just made the teeth extra-deep – all that’s really needed for singlespeeds.

Round, toothy, and steely
Round, toothy, and steely

All three sizes are available direct now for $60 (£38).  There are a number of stocking dealers in Europe and Ireland- but none in the UK at the moment.



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