Sweet Protection Bearsuit

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Sweet Protection’s pads bridge the gap between a slim-fitting pad and full-on protecting one.

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The main SAS-TEC protector is held in place right on the knee, while the pad itself is anatomically shaped, so never feels uncomfortable when you’re on the bike – even on long, pedally climbs. Off the bike, however, a pressure point is noticeable on the shin at the base of the protector. Coverage is good, extending round the sides and over the top of the knee with low-profile EVA padding. Grippy rubberised neoprene zones and an elasticated velcro strap round the top do a good job of keeping the pads pretty much in the same place throughout a ride. If they do move a smidgeon, the nylon loops at the top are great for hoisting them back up. Rubberised neoprene may sound sweaty, but while knees don’t stay bone dry I was surprised how well ventilated these pads were. Comfortable, low profile, all-day riding pads. Superbly constructed and look like they will stand the test of time.


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