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Hail majestic corporate light – Heaven born and ever bright! How our spirit like the waves, At the breath of thine awakes… (no idea – Ed) yes, it’s Fresh Goods once again, stuffed, nay RAMMED with all that is frothy and golden in the pond office this week.

So grab yourself the finest coffee you can procure, nick that tasty looking sarnie from the bloke at the next desk and hunker down to the spangles…

Intense Tracer T275

very, very ORANGE. Oh yes…

This is Intense’s new ‘entry-level’ Tracer model. You get an American-made Tracer frame, with 140-150mm of travel, 27.5in wheels and a magnificently ORANGE colour for your pennies.

It’s a Tracer, with 27.5 wheels. See? T275? No?
X-Fusion fork (and shock)
SLX drivetrain – no nonsense and dependable
Routing for a stealth dropper…

Looks extremely tidy to us – we can’t wait to get it ridden!

Price: £2,899

From: Extra

Rampage 2021 Bike Check - Brage Vestavik

Rampage 2021 Bike Check - Brage Vestavik

Mondraker Vantage RR

Dave’s got this spangly thing as his new long termer – he’s scurrying about like an amphetamine fuelled hamster gathering bits for it as we speak…

It's a long one
It’s a long one

It’s got the same  geometry as the Foxy bouncy bikes – so that’s a long front end. Dave’s running a 35mm stem on it until he can find an even shorter one…

Quite Foxy like
Quite Foxy like
Chain device ready
Chain device ready

Price: £399

From: Silverfish

Specialized 2FO shoe

White! They won’t be for long…

These very pretty shoes indeed have arrived from Specialized. Firm rubber around the sole, and softer rubber around the toe and heel for traction. They feel very stiff, thanks to a firm shank. And naturally, they’re configured with Body Geometry. Plus they look ace.

Perforated toe for ventilation… quick drying too

There’s also an air mesh in the upper and the tongue – which should help soaked shoes dry quickly.

Price: £100.00

Specialized Boomslang Pedal

A venomous snake of a pedal

Specialized have also sent us these lovely low profile pedals with some properly grippy looking custom-undercut pins. They’ve got a large platform, and are tapered at the outside edge for ground clearance.

Price: £110

Both from: Specialized

Howies Men’s 3/4 length Sh34rts

DSC_0013Some very nice (and appealingly retro-looking) stuff from Howies has appeared, including these lovely 3/4 shorts

Price: £59.00

Howies Cadence LS cycle jersey

DSC_0012This Cadence LS jersey expertly being modelled by James, who still looks hot (to some) even when failing to eat a sandwich.

Price: £79.00

Howies Men’s unpadded bib tights

DSC_0008Price: £69.00

From: Howies

Enve 60 Forty Wheels

DSC_0006Mucho carbon posho 32 hole rims built onto Chris King’s wondrously buzzy hubs… the 60 Forty name is the percentage of descending (60) to climbing (Forty) they expect you’ll be doing on them.

Price: £850 per rim

REar hub: £415; front hub: £220. Total build est. £2500

From: Saddleback

Derby carbon wheels


For our upcoming wide-rimmed wheel test we’ve got these carbon beauties in from Derby in the States: 29er hookless rims, 35mm external and 30mm internal width, laced via 28 Sapim Laser spokes to Chris King’s finest. Mmmmm.

Price: UK price TBC, but typically in the US these wheels retail between $1400 and $1500

From: Derby

Dakine Hot Laps 1.5L

Fanny packed

A teeny, neon hip bag from Dakine for all your Enduro essentials. Internal fleece lined with mesh pockets.

Price: TBC

From: Dakine Europe

Castelli Ombra Beanie

HE’S CUT HIS HAIR! About bloody time…

50/50 Wool and Acrylic – perfect for watching the CX world cup in Milton Keynes

Price: £25

Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Gloves

Super grippy (Chipps was pawing people with delight when they came in – yes, it was as scary as it sounds), breathable, with a velcro wrist closure

Price: £45

Castelli Nanoflex arm warmers

DSC_0022Water-repellant and snuggly warm

Price: £45

Castelli Nanoflex bibshorts

DSC_0026Perfect under your baggies, or posing in certain *ahem* exclusive German clubs, with a Kiss3 Pad, and Nanoflex fabric so water isn’t welcome and snuggly warmness is. And German techno.

Prive: £90

Castelli Nanoflex bibknicker


The same as the Nanoflex bibshorts, but a knicker, innit?

Price: £95

Castelli socks

DSC_0042 - Version 2
Gregge 12 – 65% Merino wool, 12cm cuff
Venti – 100% Merino with a 20cm cuff, super comfy thick sole, like walking on shag pile, or a particularly compliant hamster
DSC_0042Thermolite 13 – light weight low bulk, outer Meryl Skinlife layer draws moisture away from your foot
All socks: £16

All From: Saddleback

Stages Power Cranks

Stages power cranks

Need some help assessing your power output when training? Stages can help. The fancy technical boxes are stuck to your crank of choice, and interface with your gadgetry via Bluetooth to give you precise measurements of how far away you are from beating Derek from accounts.

Price: XT: £699; XTR: £799

From: Saddleback

Galibier Tourmalet Rain Jacket

I suspect he thinks it’s snug?

This roadie-type cycling top mysteriously appeared in Chipps’ wardrobe recently. Which I suppose is better than Chipps mysteriously appearing in someone else’s wardrobe, like he did last Christmas. It’ll roll up to fit in your jersey pocket too. The jacket, not Chipps.

Price: £52


 Maxxis Chronicle 120TPI tyres

DSC_0035Some commendably substantial 29+ rubber from Maxxis. The Chronicle weighs around 1kg per tyre – light for what it is – and complements sir or madam’s 29+ monster with three chunky inches of unstoppable might.

Price: £69.99 each

From: One Industries

Kirby Lonsdale Brewery beers

DSC_0016A couple of new brews from our friends at the Kirby Lonsdale Brewery.

Price: TBC

From: Kirby Lonsdale Brewery

That’s it for now! As my 2 year old tells me, wind and rains is cold – but we’re wrapping up like brightly coloured sausages and getting out there anyway. See you next week!

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