Disc Brake Rotor Wipes for quiet, effective stops

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Weldtite wants to help that guy…

You know that guy (or gal, but usually guy) who always shows up to the trailhead only to whip out a cobbled-together tool kit and overhaul their bottom bracket?  The one noted week after week for their inability to stop (quite possibly due to rotor contamination picked up during a trailside hub service)?  The one whose approach is heralded by a pair of howling brakes?

Do it. For everyone's sake.
Do it. For everyone’s sake.

While Weldtite can’t cure your mate of all of their bad habits, the company’s Disc Brake Rotor Wipes should at least help with the symptoms.  Designed to remove contamination from disc brake rotors, the single-use wipes make use of a “rapid air drying formula,” leaving nothing but clean rotor behind.

The wipes are sold in pocket packs of six individually-packaged cloths, which can be easily tucked in a hydration pack for surreptitious wee break use.  Your friend should (one hopes) be braking more effectively, (ideally) crashing less, and (for everyone’s sake) making far less noise.  Win, win, and win.

The price for (their) safety and (your) sanity?  Under £3.

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    I wonder if they are just alcohol wipes…

    Squealing disk brakes is usually the pad back plate vibrating against piston and caliper. Copper grease cures that.

    Disk wipes will help reduce the risk of contamination of pads, especially when folks spray oily spray at the rotors.

    Copper grease on the back of the pads melts when you get the brakes hot and can cause (according to hope) the pot seals to fail. Plus it runs onto the pad in the long run. Push bike brakes are not motorbike brakes!

    Warning, those ebay wipes are tiny. But they work and are cheap. 🙂

    How does the copper slip contaminate the pads? You put it on the back of the pads? And I’m pretty sure motor bikes and cars have a rubber seal. It’s always worked for me.

    Squealing comes from water between pad and rotor and made worse with the metal in sintered pads. I don’t buy the pad vibration thing. Urban myth from car/motorbike world and not once seen a rational explanation for it in push bikes, and besides switch to Kevlar or organic pads and squeal is stopped or much reduced.

    Don’t care if my brakes squeal – fo they stop me? If yes then no problem.
    My Hopes have always squealed, but stop very nicely (and rarely seem to need new pads).
    The previous Avids were much quieter, ate pads and didn’t stop as well.

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