Sweet Protection Delirious jacket

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Sweet Protection jacket croppedShall we get the inevitable out of the way first? The average forum dweller will tell you that two hundred and forty pounds is a lot for a jacket. They’ll tell you there’s some imaginary top limit to how much you should be spending on clothing and that ‘nothing is completely breathable’.

They’re wrong.

If you’re intent on not having your riding dictated by the vagaries of British weather, or like to head into proper mountains where climatic conditions can change on a whim, then it’s possible to do that comfortably if you equip yourself with the right clothing.

You can go the heavyweight and bombproof route, but in all likelihood you’ll end up soaked from your own sweat anyway. The Delirious jacket packs small and weighs little, thanks to its construction from three-layer Gore-Tex Active; a material that seems to be able to shift an amazing amount of moisture while keeping rain at bay.

If I can remove a jacket after a summer thunderstorm and still be bone dry under the pack I’ve been carrying, I’m impressed. A material’s ability to transmit water vapour makes a big difference to the comfort levels you’re feeling, and your core temperature, when you’ve still got half the ride to go and a storm has just rolled in.

The Delirious has a long rear cut for on-the-bike coverage, reflective logos, hem and collar elastics for cinching down duties and one chest pocket. A no-nonsense jacket with no unnecessary bits, that’ll do its job and keep you dry. You’re going to need another excuse not to ride now, because weather isn’t going to be one.

Overall: It’s packable, it’s light and yet has everything you need and nothing more. Probably the most waterproof yet breathable jacket I’ve ever used; yes, it’s that good.

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Brand:Sweet Protection
Product:Delirious jacket
Tested:by Dave for Three months.

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