Swedish Adventure.

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Sweet singletrack, stinking surströmming, Spong and super fun bike park action. Jorji fills us in on her Swedish Adventure.

Words by Jorji, pictures by Jorji and Tomas Hallberg.


It’s a bit of a mission to get to, is mid-Sweden. Three flights via Oslo and Stockholm, eventually arriving in Sundsvall, saw the losing of my bag and the confiscation of an 18-year-old Bowmore single malt by Norwegian security staff en-route. Stupid Manchester duty-free bloke for not sealing the plastic carrier bag! 

More devastating though is that the Norwegian Uniform who took the bottle away was going to pour it down the sink. The SINK! He couldn’t even be persuaded to sneak it home and drink it – border patrol’s equivalent of raiding the stationery cupboard! 


But on arrival in Sundsvall, at least the amazing Genius LT that Scott had kindly lent me for the trip was waiting. Who needs clothes when you have bike awesomeness? Even if you are meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time… doh!

Road Trip.

Onwards from the airport, we drove north west, up into the mountains, back towards the Norwegian border. It was the middle of the night, but I could easily make out the spiky silhouette of the pine trees against the sky – which never fully darkens up there in the summer. There was no sleeping though: I was on elk/reindeer/other large mammal watch. You don’t want to hit an elk. Or a reindeer (or anything really) but elk are particularly huge and neither car, nor passengers nor elk tend to fare very well in a collision.

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Gentle Gravity.

The final bike stop on our tour was Jarvso, a much smaller bike park on the east of the country. But even here, in their mere 11 trails, all DH style trails are represented. And whilst much shorter than those at Åre, they’re still brilliant fun, with a super friendly vibe to boot. There’s no attitude at Jarvso, just a welcoming, inclusive, happy buzz. This would be a great place to step a toe in the DH waters, if you’re wanting to give it a go but feel a little intimidated by the ‘cool dude’ scene.

And as we packed our bikes up for the last time, we felt a tinge of sadness. We’d had an epic adventure exploring the mountains where nordic mythology was dreamed up, meeting fellow riders of the viking variety – and eating rotten foods. Trail centres don’t really happen in Sweden; it’s either natural riding or full-on DH. But actually, that suits me just fine.

So just to say a MASSIVE thank you to Tomas’s family and friends who looked after us, fed us, spoiled us – and made our Swedish adventure so amazing and memorable.


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