Interbike: Light & Motion Urban 800 charges FASTER

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Reworked electronics make compact 800 Lumen light a 24-hour race option…

One for the racers (and the poor planners)
One for the racers
(and the poor planners)

While we love self-contained lights for both the bar and helmet, their integrated batteries can become a liability when 24-hour race season rolls around.  Light & Motion’s compact Urban lights have long been good for helmet mounting- but long charge times meant that they couldn’t quite keep up on 2-4 person 24-hour race teams.

Don't try this at home. Or do- it's actually OK.
Don’t try this at home.
Or do- it’s actually OK.

With special speedy guts, the Urban 800 Fast Charge can now go from flat to full in 2.5 hours when fed 2A of USB power.  That’s a huge improvement over the non-FC’s six-hour charge time, and should be enough for even occasional racers to justify the £20/$30 upcharge (to £140/$180).  As with all Urban models, the 800 Fast Charge is IP67 rated so as to be able to run under 1m of water for a minimum of 30 minutes.

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