Interbike 2014: Speedplay Syzr pedal nearly ready

by Marc Basiliere 6


It's been a long, long trail
It’s been a long, long trail

With over six years invested in their development, Speedplay’s Syzr pedal is finally nearing delivery.  Coming this winter, the first new Speedplay mountain pedal in roughly twenty years will offer the brand’s trademark free float, custom spindle lengths, and grease port bearing lubrication- looking like it might have been worth the wait.

Grub screws limit float

Syzr float adjustment takes place on the cleat side of the equation, with a pair of set screws limiting movement to the right and left (and moving the release points correspondingly).  Ceramic bushings at the tail end of the cleat ensure consistent release.  On the pedal itself, the forward latching mechanism was chosen to improve power transfer when pulling up on the pedal.

The Syzr should be available in December.  Steel-axled models will weigh 315g and retail for $230 (£141), titanium 275g for $420 (£258).

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  1. I assume this means they’ve sorted the alleged durability issues?

  2. Doesn’t look very mud friendly.

  3. I’ve got a memory of third party speed play service kits disappearing sharpies after some threatening letters. Unless I’m wrong I’d spend my money on people I might actually like.

  4. Look way too fiddly for goopy slop of our winters.

  5. Given the price, what do they offer over xtr spds? It needs to be something very impressive

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