Interbike 2014: Forget 11- this pump goes to 15!

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As the Americans would say: this pump blows (fatbike style).
As the Americans would say: ‘this pump blows’ (fatbike style).

“The first floor pump that especially designed for low pressure fat tire bikes.”

With a whopping forty-two point five millimetre bore and five hundred and five millimetre stroke, the Joe Blow FAT is designed to quickly inflate fatbike tyres to pressures as high as 15psi.

Tufnell would be impressed.
Nigel would be impressed.

But it’s not silly, the fatbikers protest, precision is critical at low pressures.  And they’re right; most pumps don’t read accurately (or at all) in the 5-10psi range.

Who are you calling fat?
Who are you calling fat?

Available in Snow White and Winter Solstice Black, the Joe Blow FAT retails in the US for $50- likely £35-£40 in the UK.

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    this is great, but how come they don’t do one for ‘normal’ mountain bikes? 5psi difference can be significant in terms of ride feel, but almost impossible to read on a 0-160psi gauge.

    You need a Joe Blow Mountain with its oversize barrel and 0-75psi gauge

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